A Vietnamese rhino horn user displays her horn, which was a gift from her well-to-do sister. Last year, rhino horn sold for up to $1,400 an ounce in Vietnam, about the price of gold these days.
3D Printed Rhino Horn by Bioprinting Startup Pembient Is for Real (Kinda)

Sometimes you read news on generalist media about 3D printing and it’s hard to understand whether it is something real or just media hype. Most of the times it is media or social media hype (or inverse hype as in the recent “3D printing is dead” cases) especially when it concerns bioprinting applications. One of […]

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Bioplastic From Orange Peels and Coffee Developed by IAAC to Be 3D Printable

In order to fully take advantage of working with a biodegradable material, and the ethos of reducing, reusing and recycling, a team from Barcelona’s IAAC investigated how to incorporate food-waste, including orange peels, shrimp peels and used ground coffee into, bio-plastic. Food-waste is generally perceived as unwanted matter, unless used for compost. The team, made up of senior […]

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choc nave
Choc Edge Introduces Wi-Fi Connectivity and Choc Draw

At Choc Edge we’re always looking to improve the experience of our customers, whether that’s through upgrading the machine itself or the software that comes with it. This April we’re pleased to announced exciting new developments in both areas – Wi-Fi connectivity to control the printer without the need for a cable, and a mobile […]

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The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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