OpenRC F1 Project Released from colorFabb

Earlier this year we came across the new design Daniel Norée made: an F1 car, his follow-up to the openRC Truggy design we had printed previously. “After a bit of thinking I came to the conclusion that a Formula 1 car would probably a perfect follow up project to the Truggy!” says Daniel Norée. As he stepped up […]

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Open Camera Project4
Open Camera Project Helps You 3D Print Your Own Affordable DSLR and GoPro Rigs

Jenny Chen of 3DHeals, on the Women in 3D Printing Blog, recently said that it is not the technology itself, as much as the people using it, that are driving innovation in 3D printing. That is absolutely true: the paradox is that while so many of us focus on the limits of desktop (and industrial) machines, the true […]

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Wevolver Wants You to 3D Print the Smallest Programmable Robot Spider in the World

Hello, I am Xpider, the smallest programmable spider robot in the world and I am available on the Wevolver platform. I am 85 mm in height and weigh 150 g. I am packed with awesome gadgets like a camera powered by Intel Edison and Curie. With a camera as my eye, I can show you […]

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The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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