3D Life Prints

3D Life Prints
3D LifePrints, founded by a team of social entrepreneurs, technologists, manufacturing, medical and logistic experts, is headquartered in Nairobi, KenyaOur Mission.To seek out those in need of medical prosthetics, focusing on developing nations, and to provide them with options for a range of affordable, functional, durable, mechanically simple, aesthetically pleasing and highly customised products, utilising 3D printing and mobile 3D scanning technologies wherever possible To assist amputee’s in being able to lead a normal as life as possible, by providing products that fit their lifestyles, being a source of information on prosthetics and related healthcare institutions, and facilitating easier access to primary medical health care services. To use technology as an enabler to improve upon existing prosthetic designs, lower production costs and improve upon manufacturing times To be a centre of excellence for facilitating ongoing design of medical prosthetics, both 3D printed and best of breed/low cost technologies, and manufacturing techniques in the major hub across developing countries To provide local medical service providers with access to an electronic Cloud based medical data mobile collection tool and data repository To create a sustainable operational framework that will enable the organisation to provide outstanding post medical care with every client

Range of Services

  • prosthetics
  • pre-surgical models
  • educational models

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