The world of 3D Print excites us! We know that there are people out there who are just as excited as us and we want to share our passion. We are here to help you understand 3D printing and provide you with the things you need to start making your own objects.In particular, we have years of experience in the plastics industry and know all about the plastic materials currently used in 3D print. Did you know that the ABS and PLA you buy to 3D print was actually developed for a completely different purpose? (Injection Moulding!) These plastics are used because they are readily available and work.We are ideally placed to experiment and come up with new grades of material which are specifically engineered for 3D printing and for a wider range of products.Standard grade PLA is fine if you want to print an ornament like a Yoda head, but what if you need something really strong? Something that has to take a load? Or perhaps you need something printed in a special colour?So we are here to make really good materials for 3D printing and to tell you why they are good and what material will make your objects work. What can we do for you?We want to share our knowledge with you in terms you can understand and we can provide you with some of the things you will need to create your own objects, like 3D printers and filament.We like playing with our 3D printers, so can give you an honest opinion of the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s more than just play, though. We like to make them work. Did you know that different materials need different settings on your printer? Room temperature or humidity affects the printer as well. These are the things we like to share.We also like experimenting with materials. We make material such as ABS or PLA filament and pellets.So we can bring together our knowledge of polymers, our manufacture capability, our engineering expertise and our 3D printers to provide you with a truly unique service. Who are we?3D Print Works is a subsidiary of Safeglass (Europe) Limited, a family owned business based in East Kilbride, Scotland. We have developed a range of materials for our flagship product, Safeglass. This award winning product is a special safety glass used for “break the glass” devices mainly within the transport industry.Our Engineers have expertise in designing products and in the science behind polymers. We can manipulate molecules to behave in different ways. Sometimes an unexpected way! But that’s why we like doing it.We manufacture our own, special materials using methods we have taken years to perfect. The machines we use can also make material for 3D printing.So we are a small, innovative business with engineering and polymer expertise.

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The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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