Jean Robichaud founded Bodycad because he wanted to change the paradigm of joint restoration. He believed that a direct relationship between the prosthesis designer and the orthopaedic surgeon needed to be established, as well as mutual trust, to enable the development of personalized orthopaedic restorations. Having helped to pioneer CAD/CAM technology as the standard of care in oral implantology, he knew the approach could improve orthopaedic outcomes.

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Bodycad is now pioneering this new paradigm. Prostheses will no longer need to be manufactured in quantity for anonymous patients. Bodycad’s proprietary Personalized RestorationTM Software enables personalized prostheses to be designed for a patient’s specific needs, in a collaboration between the surgeon and the Bodycad PREP TechTM.

With technology advancing at an ever-increasing rate, the biomedical sector will continue to grow and change. Bodycad, intends to be a pioneer in its evolution.

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