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We are a company dedicated to marketing, design and technology development for 3D printers. We are focused on the manufacturing system based on the fused deposition modelling or 'FDM', in which the model or part is produced by extruding small flattened strings of molten material to form layers as the material hardens immediately after extrusion.

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VISION We believe that the arrival of 3D printers to the market opened the door to a whole new field for exploration, research and optimization of this very emerging technology. Our projects are focused on getting the most out of these production processes by constantly seeking innovation.

GOALS We are confident that these new production mechanisms will generate major changes both in industry and in a household level, and the possibility that we have to be part of this revolution helps us to move forward, putting the best of our efforts and will.

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  • Argentina

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The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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