Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is a startup based in London, founded in 2014 by Guillaume Couche, Pierre Paslier, Daniela Paredes Fuentes and Oluwaseyi Sosanya, graduates of the prestigious Royal College of Art. For years 3D models have been used by professionals to visualize, communicate, share ideas and eventually turn them into reality. The Gravity Sketch team believes that this power of materialization should be given to anyone by offering a tool that is simple and fun to use. 3D printing your ideas can now become a reality for all - with Gravity Sketch creating in 3D has never been so easy. The Gravity Sketch team has been invited to speak about the future of creation and showcase their work at various TEDx events. They have co-organized 3D creation nights with and at the Tate Britain in London. The team’s other successful 3D creation project, LegoX, has been widely covered by the press in 2015. Supported by InnovationRCA, UnLtd SeeChange and the James Dyson Foundation, Gravity Sketch is also a part of the San Francisco based startup acceleration program.

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