HiETA Technologies Limited

HiETA Technologies Limited
Our team are highly skilled engineers who specialise in product design utilising Additive Manufacturing particularly in metals. It allows us to reduce the time and costs involved in the early concept and prototyping of designs. As importantly the technology allows us to use complex geometries and lattice structures to make lighter and more efficient components and use space much more effectively than conventional manufacturing. Our core skills are based on design, and analysis including FEA, CFD, stress and thermal modeling.Of equal importance, we have a real practical history. We have been developing our own products and IP so know how to maximize the benefits and manage the challenges in deploying this approach.Our team are well equipped to help you. You may be an Additive Manufacturing novice looking to learn about its benefits or an experienced engineer looking to enhance the capabilities of a single component. Whatever your project we are interested in sharing what Additive Manufacturing and our design and delivery service skills can do for you.
HiETA Technologies Ltd is a product design, development and production company exploiting the new technology of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Using Selective Laser Melting we “grow” components from layers of very fine powders. The very high levels of 3D design freedom provided by the approach allow HiETA to create more compact and efficient components than conventional manufacturing techniques. Based in our Technology Centre in Bristol & Bath Science Park our team are all specialists in AM. We can provide design, manufacture and support services across the whole value chain from conceptual design through to the application of the technology itself. Come and see what AM and HiETA can offer you in a Technology Centre tour or contact us to discuss how, or if, AM can help you with your design challenges.

Range of Services

  • AM Value Chain
  • Design Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Testing
  • Production

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