"With our experienced staff of writers, contributors and 3D printing industry experts, Inside3DP provides valuable information to individuals and business communities about the different aspects of 3D printing. We believe that the 3D printing community will help to make the industry known all over the world. We aim to provide, not only credible news and coverage, but also a voice for people who are genuinely passionate about 3D printing.Our expert industry analysis will help you make better decisions as a consumer and get more out of the constantly developing technology Inside3DP wants to highlight the exciting possibilities of how 3D printing technology is slowly changing the world of commerce, manufacturing and how business is conducted. We provide you with incisive and cutting-edge information on the industry and different products, a variety of tools, and advice that will guide you through the constantly changing landscape of 3D printing,"

The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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