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We provide 3D Scanning and Character Customization Solution, the end product of which is a fully animatable 3D Avatar that pore-matches your talent’s Visual AppearanceScanlab Photogrammetry, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada was founded in 2013 as a 3D Scanning services studio. Since that time we have also become a Digital Talent Agency, a leading provider of Virtual Character products to Film and Games studios. We are constantly expanding our solutions to other similar markets.The Full-Service Visual Essence 3D Scanning and Character Asset Development Boutique, comprised of seasoned VFX professionals with experience in Full Body Character Scanning and Modeling enables Television, Games and Feature Film Production Studios efficiently produce high resolution 3D Body Scans, 3D Face Scans, Heads and Clothing, freeing up their time and resources to be used for higher revenue ventures.Our Digital Talent Agency, the product of which is a Digital Actors Library, which includes people from all walks of life and professional disciplines: Models, Performers, Extras, Athletes, Cosplay, Tattoo & Makeup, Artists and Makers, gives smaller studios, both local and global, a chance to use high quality models with a non-exclusive license at a reduced rate. The talent we pick for our libraries is eager to participate in Indie game projects to help expand their own viewer-base. This increases the speed with which studios create, inspire and compete for the best stories.Through dedication, hard work and industrious innovation we plan on consistently delivering on our promise to bring on the results to each partner and market we work with.

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