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Die Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH bietet als führender ITK-Distributor umfassende Technologie- und Logistik-Services. Wir stellen bis zu 100.000 Produkte von über 350 namhaften Herstellern bereit und setzen auf einen zukunftsweisenden Mix.
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3Design enables 3D printing to be your No.1 choice for hard plastic prototyping in a wide variety of designs and applications ranging from pragmatic concept models to final part manufacturing. 3D printed parts are accurate and highly detailed, enabling you to create your designs with confidence and efficiency. 3D printing services and printer sales.
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Bilby 3D are Australian experts in desktop 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and 3D Routers. We have sold thousands of printers, serviced hundreds of machines from many makes and have tens of thousands of printing hours between us.If you are looking to buy, upgrade or repair your 3D Printer, we are here to help with Australian warehoused parts and supplies, ready for fast dispatch to you the same or next working day.Order online or drop in to our stores in Sydney and Brisbane to see 3D printers in action, pickup the filament you need when you need it, and see what is possible.
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Cyrcus - direct design direct marketing -, is an e-commerce platform for products created with professional digital fabrication. Each product is created in collaboration with “auteur designers”.Supported by a network of designers and suppliers, the platform offers unique and customized products for each kind of user.Cyrcus believes in digital fabrication and promotes it as a tool which enables innovation and empowers the Italian design heritage and “Made in Italy” through its methodology and thanks to the involvement of designers on the platform.
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Hawk 3D Proto supply a range of High Performance Desktop 3D Printers. To allow you to be creative & to fulfil all of your rapid prototyping needs. We are the European Distributor Airwolf 3D products and a proud Distributor for BeeVeryCreative. Whether you’re involved in Engineering, Education, Product Design, Architecture or any other industry we have a 3D Printer available to suit your requirements. - See more at:
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Je kunt ons een bericht sturen via onderstaand formulier. We doen ons uiterste best om alle mails zo snel mogelijk te beantwoorden. Heb je een vraag over je bestelling, vermeldt dan het bestel c.q. factuurnummer.
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Somos una empresa colombiana de soluciones de ingeniería para impresión 3D.Tenemos a tu disposición:- Material de impresión: ABS y PLA. - Impresoras 3D ensambladas y puestas a punto. - Repuestos de impresoras 3D. - Servicio de impresión 3D.Creemos que las buenas cosas tienen que estar a un precio justo!
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Exchange3D is a 3D Model Mediastore. Its product lineup includes 3D models, texture collections, blueprints, rendering materials, tutorials, plugins and software.
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They have a personal or professional Desktop 3D Printer just for you, either choose from the UP Mini Desktop 3D Printer with it’s sleek form factor and enclosed build chamber or the UP Plus 2 3D Printer with it’s higher quality resolution of 150 micron and larger build volume.
The UP 3D Printers are engineered, designed and built just for making your creations come to life.
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Based in San Casciano, near Florence, is a distributor of Hi-Tech product for low cost CNC prototyping and inverted engineering. Its product offer includes David LaserScanners, CNC-Step High-Z pantographs, CS -Lab Numerical controls as well as software, accessories, services and consultancy.
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MakeTank is a multi-vendor marketplace where people who combine design and artisanship with digital fabrication and open hardware techniques can list and sell their work. Makers, designers, artisans and creatives are listed on MakeTank to sell their products. These are appreciated by clients who want original pieces that have stories behind them, be it for their home or office, as a gift or to enhance their look, thus supporting independent designers and makers.
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We offer a fantastic selection of filaments in a wide variety of colours for 3D printers, a select choice of the best printers currently on the market, and, a range of accessories. Happy printing!
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3dDinge are: Levin Brunner, Christian Lerch and Nils heat
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"We are three technology professionals, Dana Solomon gathered, guys with a common experience of many years, three-dimensional printers using different technologies, from the development of printers and adapting them, to the end customers in many diverse applications. We believe the technology and the Gospel which brings designers, developers and engineers actually each and every one of us. Our vision is that soon we all will have access to three-dimensional printer with which we can realize our ideas or print products fruit of other people's planning. Now that the three-dimensional revolution reaches the final consumer world with three-dimensional printers that are located on the desktop in the office or factory, we decided to leverage the experience we have and help this revolution reach Israel. We want the community to provide a three-dimensional printer uses the three-dimensional printers and printing raw materials ( wires capillaries Filmnts and Berezin ) the best in the short term and at a reasonable price. Our goal: three-dimensional printing affordable and available to everyone. As our name implies, we have established a center of three-dimensional printing field in Israel, under the original target printer and be the best materials for our clients, allowing them to build and enliven their designs and designs using 3D printers to their. The result of planning and three-dimensional printers print depends on many media types used. We offer only Filmnts and Razin have passed the quality tests of our meticulous and we chose to work with them on our own. However, your print results to be the best and have the material properties required for your works. We are working with raw material suppliers and printers that share the same vision about the three-dimensional printing and only bring three-dimensional printers and high-quality raw materials. "
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"Here at 3Distributed we have a real passion for innovative projects and we are always looking for ambitious collaborations that push the boundaries of this technology, so if you’re dreaming up something new don’t hesitate to get in contact. This drive has recently seen us diversify into helping artists, scientists and businesses to explore the potential of 3D printing. A printing and scanning services website is currently under construction where you can see what we’ve been working on or find out how we could help you use 3D printing in your ventures.In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about new products or any questions about our expanding repertoire of services, drop us an email at (re-type it, rather than copy-paste - minor misspelling to avoid spam)"
Read More has Austria's largest 3D printing offer! We offer 3D printer (FlashForge, Wanhao, Reprap, xbot, etc.), filaments ( ABS , PLA , nylon , special material ) 3D printer consumables (z. B. warmed bed , extruder , Kapton , nozzles ) and spare parts and extra -Services as consulting, training and workshops. More than 700 products are delivered within 2-4 days to Europe.
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