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Rapid Shape GmbH
Rapid Shape® is a south Germany technology company in the field of generative rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing systems. Founded by Andreas Schultheiss – being as well shareholder of Schultheiss GmbH, well known specialist in heating and casting technologies – the company has a profound background.
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The world's first 3D printer to ever have Electronics and Circuitry printing, Multi-Material capabilities, extreme precision, industrial reliability and unprecedented speed in one exciting design.
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Mass Portal designs and manufactures 3D printers for home, school and office use. Our Pharaoh™ 3D printers are based on delta robot technology, offering faster speeds, lower noise and vibration at comparable print quality levels. Check out our profile and webpage for more info.
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Imprinta Llc
Each printer we collect manually and carefully check all parts before assembly. It is important that you get a quality product that will help you to earn tens of years.
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Sistema di stampa 3d mediante tecnologia laser con gestione automatica delle polveri metalliche e innovativo network per il mercato metalmeccanico, automazione e packaging.Il network sarà presente in tutti i continenti, con sedi strategiche per la produzione rapida e relativa distribuzione worldwide di particolari stampati on-demand da remoto.
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Great Simple Material
Great Simple Material is a high-tech enterprise which always focuses on 3D printing and the develop, Manufacture and sale of relative materials, with 5 million RMB of registered capital. Our products have been widely used in the main battleground of national economy such as automotive, aviation, space flight, electronic, home appliance, industrial design and education. As a leading manufacturer of 3D printing material, we have successfully developed SLA resins with better accuracy and surface resolution. Through innovative formula designs, we give our clients unique using experience.
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¡IMMERSE YOURSELF INTO 3D PRINTING WORLD!DIMA 3D helps you to learn more about the exciting world of 3D printing. We have our own FFF technology equipments (Fused Filament Fabrication) and a spray specifically designed to improve adherence of 3D printings to the hotbed. We offer a wide range of training courses, from introductory to professional levels, as well as dissemination sessions and workshops. In Our prototyping service provides you a way to materialize your ideas. Just send us whatever in your mind and we will make it real.
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Systec GmbH is a manufacturer of autoclaves (steam sterilizers), especially laboratory autoclaves, mediapreparators and filling devices for liquid media and microbiological culture media. We develop and manufacture, certified according to ISO 9001, a wide range of products for the modern laboratory, science and research as well as biotechnology, pharmacy, quality control and production.
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Xioneer Systems
We are a mixed team of business professionals, electronic, software and hardware engineers focused on developing proprietary technologies that give us the opportunity to bring really innovative and disruptive 3D-printing solutions to the market. Our mission is to bring the truly mainstream 3D-printing systems to professionals.
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3D Dream Workshop
3D Dream Workshop is a Taiwanese manufacturer and developer of the Funplay DIY 3D printer.
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With the AddUp brand, Fives Michelin Additive Solutions offers its customers complete industrial metal 3D printing solutions, from machine design and supply to services and advice on part production.
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Veltz 3D is Hephzibah’s 3D total solution brand, playing a leading role as a creative partner who revitalizes the industry and improves industrial competitiveness by developing and distributing 3D printer, software and contents and cultivating manpower.
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At Hermle, we provide true 5-axis milling and best-in-class service, which we believe is paramount for your success. Our hand-selected network of trusted suppliers ensures that every Hermle machine is built to last and is made out of the highest quality materials.
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UnionTech is a professional provider of stereolithography technology. With open source solutions, UnionTech serves as a loyal business partner to add value to the customers businesses. Established in the year 2000 as Shanghai Union Technology Co., Ltd., UnionTech was amongst the pioneers in the development of SL technology in China.
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KISTERS, a medium-sized company that was founded as an engineering office in 1963, develops leading software solutions for the sustainable resource management of energy, water and air and for environmental protection and safety, transportation telematics and 3D viewing. KISTERS‘ hardware sales department supplies equipment such as large-format printers (2D and 3D) and scanners. The company is also still active in the area of engineering services. KISTERS is a sought-after solution partner in an international context. It has over 500 employees, is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has numerous international subsidiaries.
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continuous composites
Demonstrating a new approach to 3D Printing we have developed a Continuously Scaled Manufacturing solution focused on printing functional, strong, and lightweight materials. In addition, our Patent Pending AMG Technology provides a foundational new positioning system utilizing hollow tubular printing techniques and multiple print heads working together in tandem to continuously manufacture large advanced structures.Our core technology developments harness UV light to instantly cure our combination of continuous fiber and matrix material giving us the ability to print into free space. Initially printing with a single nozzle we have rapidly improved our process to print with 8 channel and 16 channel nozzles utilizing different material combinations including novel combinations of copper wire and fiber optics.We are currently seeking companies to collaborate with us and help build the future together.
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With headquarters both in the US and Israel, Stratasy is one of the global leaders in professional 3D printers. It is publicly traded and reported total revenues for 359 million dollars in FY 2012. Stratasys systems range from affordable desktop 3D printers to large, advanced 3D production systems, making 3D printing more accessible. Stratasys 3D Printers employs FDM Technology (Fused Deposition Modeling) for its reliability on durable parts, and PolyJet Technology for its smooth, detailed surfaces and ability to combine multiple materials in the same printed object Other Stratasys' technologies include an inkjet-style method to build parts from liquid photopolymers in fine droplets, immediately cured with ultraviolet light, as well as SCP Technology (Smooth Curvature Printing) to produce finely detailed models for lost-wax casting and mold-making. The Stratasys portfolio of specially engineered 3D printing materials is the most comprehensive in the industry. It includes nearly 150 PolyJet photopolymers and FDM thermoplastics. MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys since 2013, manufactures the company’s prosumer desktop 3D printers in Brooklyn, New York. It maintains the Thingiverse design-sharing community and facilitates a wide network of user groups. Stratasys also manufactures SolidScape 3D Printers and operates RedEye On Demand digital manufacturing service. Through its network of certified resellers, Stratasys is indirectly present around the globe. The company maintains dual headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Rehovot, Israel. Stratasys holds nearly 500 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents worldwide. Le stampanti FDM di Stratasys Mojo uPrint SE uPrint SE Plus Dimension 1200es Dimension Elite Fortus 250mc Fortus 360mc Fortus 400mc Fortus 900mc
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Dedibot manufactures 3D printing equipment that create physical objects directly from digital data.
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Gooo3D was founded in order to prove the proposition that it is people, not material, that only count. Gooo3D manufacture the G Printer, a UV DLP 3D printer.
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