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Founded in 2009, VetCT provides specialist telemedicine services for veterinarians all over the world. Expert reports for radiographs (X-rays), MRI and CT scans are delivered in rapid turnaround time. VetCT also provides 24-hour continuous access to specialist telemedicine advice and offers 3D printing for veterinary applications. The high quality reporting service coupled with the company’s unique educational approach sets them apart from others in this field.
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As the market leader in complex automotive castings, Grainger & Worrall have gained international recognition based on a reputation for innovation, experience and expertise.Grainger & Worrall continue to build on this reputation in both developed and developing countries.
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Industrial CT (computerized tomography) uses a series of 2-dimensional images taken at specific intervals around the entire sample. Basically any type of industrial CT system uses three principal components: an X-ray tube, an X-ray detector, and a rotational stage. Everything is enclosed within a radiation shielding steel/lead/steel cabinet that typically ranges between four and 10 feet cubed. This allows use of the system in a public environment without any additional safety concerns.
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Jesse Garant
Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a globally recognized part inspection service company, providing NDT and metrology solutions using advanced imaging equipment. Our industrial CT scanning, industrial x-ray, and 3d scanning services allow manufacturers to make a qualified decision regarding their part at key stages throughout a product’s life-cycle.
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3D printing services in a range of sizes together with engineering consulting.
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Civico 3D started its project in London in contact with cutting edge technologies concerning 3D mapping techniques. initially creating research relationships and partnerships with local real estate agencies and subsequently developing business projects in the real estate field using the VR technology whose very fast diffusion leaves no doubts about an unlimited extension of practical applications.
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3Design enables 3D printing to be your No.1 choice for hard plastic prototyping in a wide variety of designs and applications ranging from pragmatic concept models to final part manufacturing. 3D printed parts are accurate and highly detailed, enabling you to create your designs with confidence and efficiency. 3D printing services and printer sales.
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North Star Imaging
North Star Imaging manufacturers state-of-the-art Digital X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) systems from its headquarters in Rogers, MN. Through NSI's industry leading, efX-CT software, their CT system speed and ease of use is unmatched in the industry. This software offers a simple 5-step, start-to-finish CT process. NSI UK, based in High Wycombe can offer system demonstrations and also inspection services where customers can send samples to us for 2D X-ray or 3D CT scanning.
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Digits2Widgets are an industrial 3D printing, CAD and Scanning Bureau based in Central London.D2W's professional team all have design backgrounds, so will always understand your project's ambitions. This allied to their day to day experience of running industrial technology in house, means that they are always happy and able to best advise on how to make your 3d printing, CAD or Scanning projects the best that they can be.
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3Dealise turns ideas into 3D objects. Through application of innovative technologies such as 3D printing and scanning, we design, engineer and produce solutions for client problems primarily in the foundry, automotive and heavy equipment industries.
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A Mechanical Design & Prototype Development Services
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We are a 3D printing service bureau, retail store, and printer reseller located in Marietta GA within metro Atlanta. We sell printers, do 3D printing and scanning, and design work. We also do educational, community, and organization events as well as curriculum creation and implementation and 3D printing technology consultation and integration.
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EUMAKERS is a new branch of Rigenera Biocompound, a leader in the plastics sector.The company was founded in early 2014 and aims to become a leader in Italy and Europe for the production and marketing of filaments for 3D printing.
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ICONIC is a photogrammetry studio based in Istanbul. Using 100 DSLR cameras, we create 8K textured 3D models for anyone. Our studio can be carried to any close venue for scanning business. Please check
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CBM’s in-house workshops encompass leading technology platforms to enable the rapid production of both prototype and low volume components in a variety of polymers and metals. We use the latest generation of CAD software, the latest 3D printers, and Optical 3D scanning technology, and our experience makes us a leading authority within the advanced manufacturing industry.
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Vancouver 3D Scanning and Printing service. Rapid prototyping, customized gift, 3D modelling service.
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Protobuild Ltd has a range of services targeted at individual designers or designers working within teaching organisations as well as industries that manufacture and sell products or services. These services could include supporting the creation of an idea, launching a new product or product ranges, expanding an existing range or being part of a product improvement.
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iSCAN's dedicated to 3D laser survey for professionnal in Archaeology, Architecture, Engineering, Maconry, MEP, Civil and Industrial applications. We're offering services to document existing conditions of sites to create as-built CAD model, plans, elevations, etc. We're also working in collaborations with professionnals in BIM, MEP, 3D simulations and 3D printing to add value to your projects. We're mainly oprerating in Quebec province but have international experiences.
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