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Printelier ofera servicii de prototipare rapida la preturi accesibile cu ajutorul imprimarii 3D prin tehnologia FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication).
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The Print 4 fun 3D is a company dedicated to training and marketing of products / services related to 3D printing and educational robotics. Our vision is that problem-solving is within everyone's reach and our mission is to demonstrate it. We stimulate creativity, develop the ability to realize dreams and ideas, make technology easy and accessible to all. Idealizing, developing and realizing support our concept that technology can be a means to educate the values ​​we want to convey.
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Somos pessoas. E levamos muito a sério a singularidade de cada um. Acreditamos que a possibilidade de ser único é expressão de liberdade e, por isso, trabalhamos no sentido de fazer chegar às pessoas um bocadinho mais dessa possibilidade.
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Diverte é uma marca focada nas potencialidades da impressão 3D, realidade virtual e nas novas tecnologias. Criamos produtos próprios, desenhamos e imprimimos à medida de cada cliente, entre muitos outros serviços.
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Formsfield is a 3d printing boutique-marketplace with useful products only
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Ontwikkeling en verkoop van 3D printers. Daarnaast het verzorgen van workshops om een eigen 3D printer te kunnen bouwen voor zowel het MKB en de particulier.
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Saiku Sas
PrestaShop continues to be the world’s most popular open source e-commerce solution powering more than 250,000 stores worldwide.
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Multicoptercenter offers high quality UAV solutions for demanding customers and ready to fly multicopters from beginners to prosumers. We can offer you best brands and many years of experience when it comes to high quality UAV solutions for aerial filming, SAR, survey, mapping and different other industrial solutions.
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Ultrapure metallic powders with a guaranteed title and extra-fine and homogenous particle size, specifically developed for additive manufacturing processes (3d print) for the goldsmith and dental sectors.
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Hilderbrand & Cie SA
Hilderbrand & Cie SA is a Swiss company located in Geneva and is the world leader in precious metal brazing & soldering pastes and powders. Our pastes and powders are used worldwide for many applications involving a brazing or soldering process, Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Metal Injection Molding (MIM), powder spraying and sintering.
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Legor Group S.p.A. is a metallurgy and chemistry specialist for the production of jewellery and fashion accessories.The Company has chosen to split the production lines into Divisions, to guarantee specialization and maximum support. They are:- Master Alloy Division: product lines dedicated to the transformation of metal from a raw material to a finished product for jewellery, silver and fashion accessories.
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PMG 3D Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a leading global materials, technologies and services provider for the 3D printing industry. We provide green environment-friendly and healthy 3D printing materials such as PLA, Graphene, GraphenePLA, metal and ceramics. We provide systematic and innovative optimization solutions for materials, structure and density. We also provide the ultimate aviation parts, medical products and art models.
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Manufacturers of the most advanced formulations of machinable waxes possible. Made from the newest materials available, we manufacture 6 different formulations of wax that are specifically formulated for precision lost wax casting, prototyping and more.Your ideas and designs deserve the best chance to become real. That is why we are constantly working toward developing solutions for a variety of machining applications.Machinable wax is an extremely hard wax with a high melt point that has been formulated to deliver exceptional machining properties with high resolution detail.
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Vink Kunststoffen is distributeur van kunststof platen, folie, buizen, staven, roosters, fittingen en appendages. Voor meer informatie kijk op
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Zhuhai Sunlu Industrial Co., Ltd, established in 2013, located in Zhuhai high-tech zone. We are a leading enterprise which specializes in the development, production and sales of 3D Filament, 3D Pen and 3D Printer. Our core team is experienced of additive manufacturing technology and ability of research and development. Moreover, we are also the 3D Printing material R&D base and the organizer of 3D printing materials key technology research projects.
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Blacc® GmbH, headquartered in Osnabrück, is a manufacturer with unique development expertise. We offer you the advantageous properties of fiber composite technology such as CFRP, but also low-cost lightweight construction made of metallic materials, plastics or combinations.
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The WZR ceramic solutions GmbH was founded in 1996 by Dr. Wolfgang Kollenberg and moved into in the newly built technology-center in Rheinbach. The resources have been expanded constantly to be able to offer rapid and convenient ceramic components in order quantities between 1 and 100. In this regards the potential of ceramic materials for additive manufacturing was already recognized in 2004. Since that time WZR has invested extensively in that technology and has consolidated its competence with innovative patents
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Somos® materials produced by DSM have earned a global reputation for providing the 3D Printing community with groundbreaking, high-performance materials to fit just about every application. Our dedicated team members have an average of 10 years’ experience in the specialized area of SL and are able to provide creative solutions for your next design project.
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LSN Diffusion Limited provides global support to customers in all stages of metal powder application from choosing material with best performance to technical support in application process optimisation.
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