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With ActivArmor™, physicians have an infinite number of design options specific to each patient’s unique body map and injury, including customized shape, thickness, exposure of incisions, and adaptability to complimentary technologies, such as TENS for pain management, NMES to reduce muscle atrophy, bio-monitors, ultrasound devices and bone stimulators.
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Founded in 2009, VetCT provides specialist telemedicine services for veterinarians all over the world. Expert reports for radiographs (X-rays), MRI and CT scans are delivered in rapid turnaround time. VetCT also provides 24-hour continuous access to specialist telemedicine advice and offers 3D printing for veterinary applications. The high quality reporting service coupled with the company’s unique educational approach sets them apart from others in this field.
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Multiply Labs was founded to provide individuals the freedom to customize their intake of supplements to optimize their day. We observed that our families, friends and coworkers would continuously construct their days around taking pills as opposed to constructing pills around their days. Using patent-pending release technology developed at MIT and the University of Milan, Multiply Labs wants to change the way that people think about and take supplements.
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The basis for the success of Dreve company is the handcrafted manufacturing of custom medical devices, dentures in the beginning and later on earmolds. The introduction of CAD/CAM technologies for the manufacturing of earmoulds and ITE shells meant for us a fundamental change in technology we have been successfully dealt with. In January 2004 we implemented an earmold production based on the FotoTec® stereolithography process as the first earmold laboratory worldwide. Today we also run CAD/CAM laboratories in Singapore and the USA.
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For 60 years, we have been developing silicones and light-curing acrylics for dental and other medical applications. The polymer chemistry of material science is our universe, think tank and core competence. Due to the unique physical properties, the possible applications for our materials are virtually unlimited.
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The DePuy Synthes Companies are part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. We offer the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of orthopaedic and neuro products and services for joint reconstruction, trauma, spine, sports medicine, neuro, cranio-maxillofacial, power tools and biomaterials.
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Anatomics manufactures patient specific cranial, facial, chest wall and other skeletal and soft tissue implants and surgical tools for reconstructive surgeons in Australia and around the world.To complement these products Anatomics has developed a range of software to assist surgeons and medical staff in both ordering and designing their surgical products.Anatomics has partnered with innovative companies to provide surgeons with state of the art technology for both neuromonitoring and electrosurgery.
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“Kapstone Medical serves inventors, distributors and companies worldwide because we know there is a better way to bring new ideas to life”We Inspire our customers to take the first step towards realizing their goals.We Equip our customers with tools needed to successfully see a project through to completion. This is best done using an integrated team of professionals with a single point of contact and accountability.We Guide our customers by laying out a roadmap for them to visualize the process of new product development. With a wealth of experience, best practices and broad expertise, our team helps to navigate the process and set appropriate expectations along the way.We are here to help you achieve your vision.
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BioArchitects is dedicated to developing custom-made solutions for the restoration of anatomical structure, functional capacity and aesthetic appearance to the affected area. We function as a support tool for the physician. We work at the direction and under the experience of the medical professional, developing the ideal implant for each case. Our role is to find the ideal custom solution, through advanced 3D technology, providing benefits to the patient, surgeon and hospital.
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Jean Robichaud founded Bodycad because he wanted to change the paradigm of joint restoration. He believed that a direct relationship between the prosthesis designer and the orthopaedic surgeon needed to be established, as well as mutual trust, to enable the development of personalized orthopaedic restorations. Having helped to pioneer CAD/CAM technology as the standard of care in oral implantology, he knew the approach could improve orthopaedic outcomes.
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Stryker is one of the world's leading medical technology companies and, together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better. The Company offers a diverse array of innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes. Stryker is active in over 100 countries around the world.
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Inv3rsion (pronounced "inversion") is a software R&D and consulting firm founded in 2003 with headquarters in Goffstown, New Hampshire. The company was founded by engineers skilled in developing software for cutting edge visualization and computation problems faced by many of todays engineers and scientists.MISSIONOur mission is to deliver quality, innovative applications to a broad customer base. Our unique skill set enables us to provide solutions that are outside the norm.In addition to our staff developers, we draw on the skill sets of our partners and other professional & academic affiliates to customize solutions for each customer. This structure allows us to shrink or grow to accomodate the needs of each project. We can understand complex problems and provide our clients with the solutions they need. We break down the communication barrier that traditionally exists between engineering and computing services. We understand your goals.The services we provide can be an invaluable asset to companies seeking to get a project off the ground, or to companies seeking to get the last extra bit of performance out of their applications. Our clear, robust, & efficient coding practices are designed to mesh well with external software engineers for seamless transition of code to our clients.NAMEThe word "inversion" has a dual meaning: It is the name of a mathematical operation encountered in 3D matrix math, and it also means "to turn inside out or upside down". We feel that our name conveys both our 3D programming skills and the unconventional software that we produce.
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Medico Chirurgo Specialista in Ortopedia e Traumatologia. Diploma di Tecniche Avanzate Microchirurgiche. Orthopedic Surgeon Specialized in Traumatic Injuries with a Degree in Advanced Microsurgical Techniques
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Novax DMA
We manufacture implants and cutting-edge surgical instruments. We develop 3D printing implants. INNOVATING IN MATERIALS We use diverse raw materials. We mainly work with Titanium, Peek-Optima Invibio.
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Aprecia is a specialty pharmaceutical company that's committed to enhancing customers' experience with highly prescribed high-dose medications. Built upon our innovative and proprietary three-dimensional printing (3DP) technology platform, we focus on opportunities where there is a need for medicines that are easy to take.1 We believe Aprecia is the first and only company in the world utilizing this cutting-edge 3DP technology platform to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products on a commercial scale. We believe our platform will generate multiple product-enhancing drug delivery technologies that can be used in a variety of therapeutic categories. Our first innovation that leverages 3DP is ZipDose® Technology, which will be utilized in multiple product candidates.1 ZipDose® Technology is based on a simple premise: medicine should be simple for caregivers to administer and for patients to swallow.1
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MIRAI Somos una empresa argentina de ingeniería biomédica que ofrece soluciones innovadoras para el cuidado de la salud. Combinamos el diagnóstico por imágenes con tecnología de impresión 3D para brindar herramientas revolucionarias a médicos, investigadores y estudiantes. En MIRAI buscamos explotar y desafiar al máximo nuestras capacidades técnicas anteponiendo siempre la ética y calidez humana.
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HealthTech Women is a leading non-profit that brings together women across the healthcare Industry sectors to empower women speakers and to share new technologies impacting this space.We are pioneers in the field of how healthcare silos interact, communicate and use exponential technology to facilitate innovation.
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We are a rapid design and prototyping studio specializing in the fields of biomedical (dental), engineering, architectural modeling and jewelry manufacturing. Our goal is to facilitate a company's creative and productive path through the use of innovative tools. Our experience allows us to interact with different professionals: design studios , designers , production managers , engineers and managers. Our customers appreciate us for being professional, confidential and projected towards the highest quality .
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