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Ultrapure metallic powders with a guaranteed title and extra-fine and homogenous particle size, specifically developed for additive manufacturing processes (3d print) for the goldsmith and dental sectors.
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Hilderbrand & Cie SA
Hilderbrand & Cie SA is a Swiss company located in Geneva and is the world leader in precious metal brazing & soldering pastes and powders. Our pastes and powders are used worldwide for many applications involving a brazing or soldering process, Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Metal Injection Molding (MIM), powder spraying and sintering.
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Legor Group S.p.A. is a metallurgy and chemistry specialist for the production of jewellery and fashion accessories.The Company has chosen to split the production lines into Divisions, to guarantee specialization and maximum support. They are:- Master Alloy Division: product lines dedicated to the transformation of metal from a raw material to a finished product for jewellery, silver and fashion accessories.
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LSN Diffusion Limited provides global support to customers in all stages of metal powder application from choosing material with best performance to technical support in application process optimisation.
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Additive Elements
Additives Elements GmbH is specialised in the development of materials for industrial binder jetting 3Dprinter. We investigate special and unusual materials for our customers in different process steps with one goal: scalable serial production. Through extensive collaboration with universities, institutes and industry partners, we constantly make new progress in additive manufacturing technology.
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M4P ist 3D-Druckmaterial Hersteller in PLA & ABS-Filament. Wir sind Hersteller und keine Reseller und können sogar Farb- und Materialsonderwünsche in kürzester Zeit abbilden. Wir testen unsere Materialien in den verschiedensten Druckern direkt vor Ort und freuen uns auf einen regen Austausch mit unseren Kunden, um den Prozess des 3D-Druckens zusammen mit ihnen immer weiterzuentwickeln.
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We create high-quality solutions for our customers and strengthen their long-term competitiveness by combining material expertise with technological know-how. Our ideas are focused on important issues such as the environment, energy, health, mobility and industrial applications. Our portfolio ranges from components to coordinated material systems which are used in a wide variety of industries, including the steel, electronics, chemical, automotive and telecommunications industries.
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PET is a fantastic and versatile material, one of the most used types of plastic in the world. It’s presence in the 3D printing industry is increasing for its ease of use and strength, but sadly it’s not currently made from recycled plastic.Until now.B-Pet effectively recycles Pet waste into fully functional 3D printing materials.Through research and development we’ll improve the process of waste recycling to use it in 3D printing.PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is the stuff plastic bottles are made of.It’s a stable and harmless plastic, which is used most for packaging purposes, because of its vapour barrier and strength properties. In its original state, it’s a colorless and crystal clear material.RECYCLED PET SPECIAL PROPERTIES
  • 100% Post-Consumer
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Flexible Strength
  • Easy Adhesion (No heated bed required. Sticks to capton tape or 60)
  • Hydrophobic: Doesn’t absorb water like nylon does
  • High qualify spooling and extrusion. Consistent diameter and no bubbles
  • More flame resistant than PLA and ABS
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MD Alloys
MD Alloys is a metallurgy manufacturing company specialising in research and production for the medical and dental industries. We hold current ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certification, are fully compliant with the Medical Devices Directive and hold CE marks for our alloys.
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GECKO 3D company create and sale alternative materials for professional 3D printing users. Save up to 40% on your consumables prices, thanks to our refill systems and be eco-friendly by reusing your old cartridges.
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The idea of building an iron and steel plant strategically near to raw material was that of the Belgian entrepreneur Charles Van der Straten Pontoz who founded the company “Miniere di Cogne” at the beginning of 20th Century. However, the development of the electricity-powered iron and steel project in Aosta Valley was undertaken by Pio Perrone. Skilled Italian and Swedish technicians supported the project. He thus created, in those difficult years of the first world war, a unique electric steel plant fed by Cogne’s magnetite and by the electricity produced in the Aymavilles, Chavonne and Champagne power stations.
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We are 2,500 engineers, technologists and coating experts across more than 35 sites in 12 countries making more possible by protecting what drives your industry. More surface-enhancing materials. More innovative processes, equipment and technology. And more advanced coatings that extend the life of critical components and keep your business running as efficiently and productively as possible.
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The Argen Corporation was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1963, as a small family business with a focus on refining x-ray films and precious metals for jewelry. In 1983, Bertie and Jackie Woolf, along with their family, moved Argen to the United States where they opened their first office in New York City selling precious metal alloy to dental laboratories. Just two short years later, they moved Argen Headquarters to San Diego, California where they bought their first 8,000 square foot facility.
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PyroGenesis Canada Inc. is the world leader in the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of advanced plasma processes. We provide engineering and manufacturing expertise, cutting-edge contract research, as well as turnkey process equipment packages to the defense, metallurgical, mining, additive manufacturing (including 3D printing), oil & gas, and environmental industries. With a team of experienced engineers, scientists and technicians working out of our Montreal office and our 3,800 m2 manufacturing facility, PyroGenesis maintains its competitive advantage by remaining at the forefront of technology development and commercialization. Our core competencies allow PyroGenesis to lead the way in providing innovative plasma torches, plasma waste processes, high-temperature metallurgical processes, and engineering services to the global marketplace. Our operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and have been since 1997. PyroGenesis is a publicly-traded Canadian company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (Ticker Symbol: PYR), and on the OTCQB Marketplace (Ticker Symbol: PYRNF).
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Evonik strengthens leading position in the attractive growth market for specialty & coating additives Product and customer portfolios are highly complementary Acquisition secures leading position in North America for Evonik and strengthens Innovation
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Lehmann&Voss&Co. is a chemical company and for more than 120 years we have been selling chemical and mineral specialities to industrial customers. Established in 1894 as a trading Company located in Hamburg, we have developed into a high performance technical sales organisation with our own manufacturing facilities and contacts spanning many years to mainly foreign suppliers.
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By utilising the endless opportunities of our metal powders, we know that we can improve resource ef ciency and lead a wave of change for the better. To achieve this, traditional ways of doing things must be challenged. We actively seek out needs not being met and then invent new solutions. Our search for how metal powder can make a real difference never ends. With people at every level of our organisation dedicated to rede ning what is possible, we continue to amaze the world with new breakthroughs. 3,000 customers in 75 countries More than 1,500 products, mostly customer specific, from 13 production centres Around 700 granted patents Turnover 2014: 7,100 MSEK Profit (before taxes): 970 MSEK 1,800 employees Established in 1797 as a coal mining company Owned by FAM and LindéngruppenDigital Metal Technology belongs to the global Höganäs Group, which is headquartered in Sweden and best known for its pioneering work in metal powders. There is an obvious and natural connection between 3D metal printing and the Group’s core business. Being part of a much larger organisation guarantees the companies financial stability, and makes Digital Metal a reliable partner in the long term. It can also leverage its parent company’s worldwide presence and well-developed supply chain to ensure deliveries.
Digital Metal has developed its own unique proprietary precision ink-jet technology for making complex metallic components. It begins with an object described in a CAD file. This is materialised in its 3D printer, which works by laying down powdered metal in thin layers, interspersed with a special ink/glue. Once complete, the object is sintered for strength. The result is a metal component or part with high resolution and tolerance.
An additional third step can be introduced to refine surface equality.
Materials Digital Metal’s components are currently predominantly made from stainless steel. However, other materials such as titanium, silver and copper are close to commercialisation."
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CRP Technology is an Italian company born in the 1970's specializing in the production of high performance materials for the auto racing industry. In 1996 a spinoff of the company developed the Windform specifically for 3D printing processes. In 2008 CRP USA was established in California and in 2010 CRP Technology was divided into three new companies aimed at focusing on the target market: CRP Meccanica, CRP Technology and CRP Service. The newly established units of the CRP Group collaborate together with CRP Racing and CRP USA. The range of Windform materials, powders used specifically in laser sintering additive manufacturing, includes the SP, GT, XT 2.0, LX 2.0, GF 2.0, FX and PS. Windform XT 2.0, a mix of polyamide and carbon fiber is the top material in the range. Another relevant project undertaken by CRP is development of Energica, the first fully electric superbike made in Italy. New versions of the motorcycle have been on show at Italy's EICMA. The bike is scheduled to go into production starting in 2015. The company also offers 3D printing for end part manufacturing and rapid prototyping processes, and is one of the larger company offering these services in Italy.
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OPM was founded in 2000 with a simple purpose: to exploit a highly advanced molecule called poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK). PEKK is an ultra high performance thermoplastic technology platform that presents a vast array of business opportunities. Whether working to produce green energy, make planes lighter, make silicon chips faster or develop medical polymers that improve human health, OPM's intimate knowledge of PEKK has allowed the company to be deeply and directly involved with the challenges limiting human development and sustainability.
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Diamond Plastics is enthusiastic about additive manufacturing. Especially the Laser-Sinter-Process of thermoplastic powders offers a vast potential for the production of small batch articles. To stimulate and to increase the numbers of applications, the market needs new thermoplastic powders. The company's mission is to ensure these new materials must be geared to match the technical and the commercial requirements of the part.
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