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Hanson Robotics creates the most life-like and engaging robots that are capable of building a trusted relationship with people. We hope to create a better future for humanity by infusing artificial intelligence with kindness and compassion, achieved through millions of interactions between our robots and the people whose lives they touch.Our long-term mission is to dramatically improve people’s everyday lives with affordable, highly intelligent robots that teach, serve, entertain, and are capable of developing a deep relationship with people. In time, we hope our intelligent robots will come to truly understand and care about people and evolve greater-than-human wisdom, to the point that they will one day be able to address and solve some of the most challenging problems we face.
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Endurance was founded on January 11-th, 2015 by the Russian entrepreneur George Fomichev and at the moment our team consists of more than 20 people
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We, MISUMI Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates, do hereby make further development of the MISUMI business models, pursue strategic management and extend our support to the Manufacturers World-Wide as a ‘ Behind-the Scene-Supporter’ for purposes of delivering products and services of high originality of ‘ Short-Term & Just-in-Time’, ‘High Quality’ and ‘Low Cost’ to our customers.
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Full service product development and robotics integration located in Carlsbad, Southern California.- Medical and biomedical devices - Microfluidics devices - Consumer products - Manufacturing equipment and fixtures design & fabrication - Automation machines - Robotics integrationService offered: - Ideation - Industrial design - Mechanical engineering - Electro-mechanical engineering - Patent application - Prototyping & proof of concept - CNC machining, laser machining, 3D printing/SLA, plastic vacuum forming - Transfer to production - Fanuc robot integration - Manufacturing equipment setup
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KUKA Aktiengesellschaft is one of the world's leading suppliers of robotics as well as plant and systems engineering.
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Comau originally got its name from the abbreviation of COnsorzio MAcchine Utensili and now with 40 years of experience in advanced manufacturing systems, it represents a proven world-wide leader in sustainable automation and service solutions with a forward focus. Building on our strong history in the automotive industry and our centres of excellence, we have developed our experience, skills and know-how and pushed towards the future through a range of industries and applications. Today, Comau has a truly global presence, with 25 locations in 15 countries, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions and localized support in a variety of fields.An identity that represents boundless technology.Our high-quality, innovative solutions have impacted a wide range of industries and applications that run on process automation technology, including automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, military, shipbuilding and energy efficiency consultancy.A brand that entails automation and integration.Our solutions range from machining and assembly modules, to body welding systems, assembly lines and integrated robotics. Comau is a 360º company, overseeing our products through the entire process: from their birth as an idea and design, guiding them to completion, and providing full-service training and maintenance. Our strategic services include industrial asset management, project management and eComau – a fully comprehensive approach to environmentally sustainable industrial processes.A company that looks forward to the future.We believe that creativity, supported by a concrete approach, is an essential ingredient to overcoming obstacles and realizing winning solutions. Our focus is continuous improvement upon our products, processes and services in order to meet and exceed our customers' expectations at every step of the way. Investment in research and developmenthas helped us become a leader in our sector and it continues to push us towards the future.
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AIO Robotics is a high-tech startup that targets the 3D printer market with innovative All-In-One 3D copy machines. By automating the process of 3D scanning and 3D printing, our machines will make this technology accessible for everyone. A single button press allows users to scan, print, copy, and fax 3D objects.
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"We believe that all humans can and will grow beyond their natural capabilities and that personalized manufacturing powered by software and 3D printing will enable it.We are the first in the world to make and sell a fully functional 3D printed prosthetic leg. We use computer vision, patent-pending algorithms and 3D printing to revolutionize prosthetics."
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The Puzzlebox Bloom is a robotic flower that produces realtime biofeedback during training of mental and physical fitness goals. We actively measure levels of focused attention, mindful meditation, and/or physical exercise using EEG headsets, heart and breath rate sensors, EMG armbands, etc. The customer's personal progress and that of friends in their social network are reflected by colored lights plus the degree of blossom by the Bloom. Following the our success the Orbit, our brain-controlled helicopter (over $500k in revenue), this is the first in a new series of products created under a novel "Open Factory" concept. We have released aspects of hardware and software under open licenses to encourage collaborative artistic and engineering evolution. Our unique business model leverages cost/performance advances in 3D printing to distribute manufacturing, purchasing back completed kits from our maker community for consumer resale, advancing education and personal entrepreneurship.
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"Vanguard Technology makes businesses more profitable. We achieve this by helping businesses imagine, design and manufacture new products or enhance existing products to expand sales and increase margins.Developing a new or improved product is often a puzzle and involves working systematically through a maze of options. At Vanguard Technology we focus on the R&D and problem solving to help our clients bring new and improved products to market. We have the tools, technology and connections to get your new or improved product designed and into the market. "
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3D-Bottech envisions the future of open source micro-controller controlled robotics device, and systems will penetrate in to industry and every home providing many great opportunities of enhancement to human life with robotics device and systems. Our missions is to accelerate the good use of new emerging 3D printing technologies and empower human creativity through cost effective, affordable 3D printers, bots.
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The international Association for Robots in Architecture is originally a spin off association of Vienna University of Technology. Its goal is to make industrial robots accessible for the creative industry, artists, designers and architects, by sharing ideas, research results and technological developments.

Founded in December 2010 by Sigrid Brell-Cokcan and Johannes Braumann, robots in architecture is an open platform for everybody interested in the creative use of and innovative fabrication with industrial robots.

Robots in Architecture is engaged in applied research, soft- and hardware development, “robot pedagogics” – and in the question: how soon will robots revolutionize architecture?

We pursue the association’s goal by offering workshops and holding lectures at international conferences, schools, and universities, and by maintaining the Robots in Architecture homepage, which serves as a hub for all things robotic in architecture, art, and design.

In 2011, Robots in Architecture presented KUKA|prc, a plugin for Grasshopper that for the first time enables robot control from within architectural software. It is continuously updated with new features and freely available for Robots in Architecture members.

If you have any questions, please contact us at robots [at]!

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"3DR is committed to helping people see their world from above. We’re North America’s largest consumer and commercial drone manufacturer, known for making Solo—the world’s first Smart Drone—and the Pixhawk, the world’s most popular autopilot platform.3DR makes advanced drone technology easily accessible to consumers for everyday exploration, as well as for business applications in data analysis, mapping, 3D modeling and more for agriculture, construction, infrastructure and ecological study."
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"At NVBOTS, we believe that students must bring their ideas to life. The contemporary 3D printing process is far too cumbersome for most students and teachers, prohibiting widespread adoption of a technology that offers a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to STEAM education.Our solution is an easy-to-use and easy-to-share 3D printing experience. To challenge the status quo, we have created the first end-to-end 3D printing solution. At the core of our technology is the NVPro: the world’s only 3D printer with automated part removal. Paired with our cloud-based interface, the NVPro runs continuously 24-7 from any device.To aid educators in adopting this versatile technology, we provide educational modules designed with the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards in mind. We also test and certify our filament so our customers can enjoy high-quality, consistent 3D printing with their NVPro."
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TETRA GmbH was founded in 1991 by Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Mollenhauer and Dr.-Ing. Andreas Karguth at high-tech location of Ilmenau. In the beginning of the company, products for medical and laboratories technology were designed and distributed. In 1999, the OEM-development and production was strengthened for the electronics sector and international networks were built. Due to a continuous growth, it was necessary to expand the company building in 2004 to create new space for new employees and developments. In 2005 TETRA established a new strategy to put focus on new technologies and to distribute proprietary products. Today TETRA is a company, which is worldwide leading pioneer in sensors and robotics with its patented technologies.

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Humans gather where there are resources on Earth, outer space will be no different.Our mission is to locate the resources necessary to extend human life into outer space.
New Opportunities With Micro-robotsWe are developing micro-robots that are embedded with COTS electronics, light-weight sensors, prospecting payloads, and software that increase computational capabilities without compromising performance. Miniaturization reduces expensive launch costs and minimizes financial risk while increasing access to launch opportunities.
Discover Valuable Resources in Space
Locating and mapping the presence of resources is required for further investment in outer space resource utilization. The micro-robots will utilize big data analysis to conduct wide ranging exploration and prospecting missions in a short period of time. These missions will create high fidelity maps of precious volatiles, valuable minerals and suitable shelters.
Initiate the Space Economy
Outer space resource utilization will assist in developing commercially viable projects and new financial markets that will be fundamental in supporting the Space Age economy and expand humanity’s presence beyond Earth.
Humans have successfully evolved on Earth due to a capacity to utilize resources.  The Stone, Bronze, Iron, and Steel Age each represent technological, organizational and economic steps forward. In the last century we have entered the ‘Space Age’. Just as each Age has significant improved life on Earth the Space Age will bring numerous benefits to the Earth and to humanity.Discovering, mapping, and eventually utilizing resources in outer space is a crucial developmental step in the Space Age. It will not only assist us in our expansion into space, it is the first step in decreasing our dependence on Earth’s finite resources.  Resource utilization in space will create new jobs, catalyze new industries, accelerate innovation and technologies, and enable the world to tap into new resources that will generate wealth, enhance security, and open up new opportunities.
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ServoCity-We_have_the_parts_for_your_ideas.jpg is a online storefront that provides a large selection of mechanical components for use in robotics, R/C applications, animatronics, videography, photography, industrial projects, and a wide array of other fields. We provide high quality products paired with fast and friendly service to our customers around the globe.In 1994 Brian Thomas Robotics began in a dorm room at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing educational robots and kits for school tech labs. In 2001, the business expanded to include a new division, Robotzone, that met a need for more industrial robotic components for the commercial and government markets.Eventually the need for similar robotic components and servo gearboxes grew to include the individual hobbyist market. To meet demand, Robotzone launched - making these goods more easily available to the end user. With the recent release of Actobotics™, ServoCity has added hundreds of new products in the last few months. The line’s popularity is growing fast and continues to expand at a rapid pace. To learn more about Actobotics™, click here
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