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3D Printed Custom Bicycle Parts Produced by ExOne in a Fraction of the Time, Half the Cost

Large size binder jetting 3D printer manufacturer and service company ExOne teamed up with Finalnd based ideas2cycles engineers and designers to produce a topologically optimized set of steel 3D printed custom bicycle parts. The result is that the parts where not only more aesthetically pleasing lighter and efficient, but also that they were produced in on tenth of the time and at less than 50% of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

Customer Challenge

Personalized bicycles require extensive manual labor, as each design is unique and dedicated tooling is expensive.

X1-CaseStudy-ideas2cycles-330x270The Solution

ExOne utilized Binder Jetting technology to directly manufacture the complex parts for a more reasonable price in less time.

The ExOne® Competitive Advantage Creating the metal parts directly from 3D models allowed the customer to focus on the creative aspect of design without traditional manufacturing constraints. Manufacturing without tooling makes the process quick and cost-effective for customized parts.



Customer: ideas2cycles

Parts: Bicycle lugs, brackets, dropouts, fork crowns

Part Size: Varied from 1 in. to 6 in. Weight: Varied from 0.81 oz. to 6.42 oz.

Material: 420 Stainless Steel/Bronze Matrix

Traditional Method Investment casting/manually modifying mass produced parts Production Time: 3 to 4 weeks Cost: $1,000 USD per assembly (including labor)

ExOne® Metal Printing Method Production Time: 4 days Cost: $425 USD per assembly

About ExOne

ExOne offers industrial 3D printing systems and services using Binder Jetting technology to create functional components directly from CAD data for a variety of prototype and production applications. The ExOne® DREAM center provides a physical and virtual site for customer collaboration, to explore and incorporate the benefits of ExOne® technology along with advanced modeling and analysis software for unique solutions to manufacturing challenges. The center serves as a catalyst for the 3D production of parts without the limitations of traditional manufacturing.

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