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Ampower Consultancy Startup Launches to Ease Transition into Metal Additive Manufacturing

A new Germany based startup, ampower, officially opened doors for business with focus on consulting in Additive Manufacturing. The team of experts with a background of over 20 years in Laser Beam Melting as well as Electron Beam Melting is focusing on implementation and qualification of AM technology in the medical, aerospace and engineering sector. Drawing upon their experience in AM technology, they target to close the current gap between machine manufacturers and end users.

“With our service small and medium sized enterprises will be enabled to implement AM technology swiftly in their manufacturing environment. Until now, companies had to build up necessary knowledge on their own. This can take several years and create high costs. Having done this successfully in industry multiple times, we can reduce the time for implementation, increase the quality of the manufactured parts and overall reduce the cost for the end user.” Matthias Schmidt-Lehr, managing partner.

Additive Manufacturing of metal is widely used within the prototyping business. However, the amount of functional and serial parts has increased dramatically in the past years. Experts refer to a high knowledge gap within this industry especially when it comes to certification and qualification of the manufacturing process. ampower can close this gap and reduce the entry barrier for companies that want to invest into the technology or tend to expand their manufacturing business towards a qualified AM production.

Choosing and adapting the right products for Additive Manufacturing is the key for a successful business case. Our Coaching and Screening service provides your team with the necessary know-how to identify the AM potential in your part portfolio. Furthermore, our goal is to empower your engineers to create suitable designs for Additive Manufacturing and therefore fully utilize the potential of this technology. Only with the right Design you will be able to implement Additive Manufacturing successfully. This knowledge will empower you to maximize your Additive Manufacturing benefits and ultimately to save time and money.

More than a hundred different parameters influence the process reliability and therefore the quality of parts produced by Additive Manufacturing. With our Process knowledge we enable you to set up a robust and reliable production process with consistent part quality. Based on this we implement a qualified production at your site. Our Qualification process guides you through the necessary steps, accelerates your progress of implementation and results in a complete set of necessary Documentation.

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