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Autodesk Spark Merges into Forge Platform as “Code Meets Make”

Starting today the Autodesk Spark additive manufacturing platform is merging into the Autodesk Forge Platform. After the transition is complete this fall, all Autodesk additive manufacturing APIs, services and sample applications will be available on the Forge Platform and the Spark developer portal will eventually be closed. 3D printing APIs are already available on the Forge Developer Portal.

Autodesk SparkThis change will provide Autodesk’s developer community with a greater range of connected cloud services and support under a single development platform with a common set of foundational services. Using a single platform increases overall security, reliability and scalability. Autodesk is developing its own cloud-based products on top on the Forge platform.

Autodesk is already working with existing Spark developers closely to ensure a smooth technology transition. They will continue to receive support through the Forge platform’s developer program. Autodesk will also continue to partner with other additive manufacturing companies to push for new innovations in hardware, materials and software and create a connected additive manufacturing ecosystem.

forge-logo-mainImagine an ecosystem with frictionless connections between every touch point of the product development lifecycle, from early stage design to engineering to operations. We’re building a platform that enables the rapid development of this ecosystem.

The Forge Platform contains an expanding collection of web service components that can be used with Autodesk cloud-based products or your own technologies. From visualizing data to 3D printing, take advantage of Autodesk’s expertise in design and engineering.

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To learn more about Autodesk Forge, please visit forge.autodesk.com.

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