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Autodesk and Stratasys Collaborate on Generatively Optimized 3D Printed Rollerblades

In order to show off the latest advances in its generative design software, specifically Fusion 360, Autodesk partnered with Stratasys on production via FDM additive manufacturing of a pair of optimized 3D printed rollerblades. The skates which were designed by Matteo Crocetti, Technical Sales MFG EMEA, and Michele Bongiovanni, Senior …

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Wiivv Custom 3D Printed Sandal

Wiivv’s Breaks Record (Again) for Most Funded 3D Printed Product on Kickstarter

Wiivv Wearables Inc.—the Vancouver and San Diego-based bionics company creating 3D printed custom footwear—has broken the record as the most funded 3D Printed Product on Kickstarter with the Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals. With ten days left in the campaign, Wiivv’s Custom Fit Sandal has surpassed its $250,000 goal on Kickstarter. This …

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Memphis Meats Presents World’s First Poultry Meat from Cellular Agriculture

The San Francisco-based leading cellular agriculture company Memphis Meats presented the world’s first clean poultry, derived from cellular agriculture, including both chicken and duck. While a few companies, including Memphis Meats, have produced clean beef, poultry is an unprecedented milestone for the clean meat industry. While these particular products are not …

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