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Medical Cannabis Inhaler Manufacturer Syqe Acquires Nano Dimension Electronics 3D Printer for Prototyping

Nano Dimension Ltd., a leader in the field of 3D printed electronics, has supplied, in return for payment, its flagship DragonFly 2020 electronics 3D Printer to Syqe Medical Ltd. Syqe is the Tel Aviv-based developer of the world’s first selective-dose, pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis inhaler. It uses 3D printers to …

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IIT and Politecnico di Torino Develop Composite CNT Photopolymer Materials for DLP 3D Printing

Italian researchers from the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia Center for Sustainable Future Technologies (IIT-CSFT) in Turin and Politecnico di Torino University have developed photopolymer based composite CNT (Carbon NanoTubes) materials that can be 3D printed by DLP stereolithography to make functional parts. The study was published on the Science Direct …

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Nanoscribe’s TPP Technology Now Enables 3D Printing of Micro-Optics

The German company Nanoscribe is developing and producing high-precision 3D printing solutions enabling the micro-optics industry to innovate by additive manufacturing. Typically, the benefits of additive manufacturing are considered to be fast and flexible design iterations as well as freedom of design. But the usual 3D printing technologies available in …

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Nano Dimension 3D Prints Rigid PCB Series Combined with Flexible Conductive Connectors in a Single Run

Nano Dimension, a leader in the field of 3D printed electronics announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Nano Dimension Technologies Ltd., has successfully 3D printed a series of multi-layered rigid PCB, connected through printed flexible conductive connections. This process provides a solution to traditional production limitations in the electronics industry, …

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Next Dynamics Launches Kickstarter for NexD1 Multimaterial Electronics 3D Printer

Launching now on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, the NexD1 by Next Dynamics is looking to become the next 3D printer to offer high-end electronics prototyping capabilities to everyone by making multi-material, 3D electronics printing, extreme precision, high reliability and fast printing times available in one exciting machine. The company started from polyjet, …

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