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April, 2017

March, 2017

  • 31 March

    Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing Center Launches Customized Surgical Tools

    The Johnson & Johnson’s 3D Printing Center of Excellence is launching new customized surgical tools, which will be available to surgeons in hospitals across the country this week. Headed by Sam Onukuri, a mechanical engineer with a specialty in metallurgy, the J&J Center is working to change the landscape of healthcare …

  • 26 March

    One to One with Michael Golway, Inventor of the BioAssembly Bot 6-Axis 3D Bioprinter

    American entrepreneur, engineer and inventor. In November 2000, at the age of 31, Michael Golway acquired his first technology company, IDS Engineering. The company had 2 employees with a focused business model of workflow consulting services. Today he is President & CEO of Advanced Solutions, Inc., which is a privately …

  • 1 March

    Shapeways Turns 10 Years Old, Co-Founder Pete Weijmarshausen Looks Back

    It seems incredible but it has already been ten years since Shapeways, one of the leading B2C online 3D printing service bureaus, began its activity in Eindhoven. Five years later, on On October 19, 2012, Shapeways opened a new 3D printing factory in Long Island City, Queens, New York, that could …

January, 2017

  • 24 January

    PyroGenesis Spinoff for Titanium AM Powder by Plasma Atomization on Track for Q1 2017

    PyroGenesis Canada, a clean-tech company that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes plasma waste-to-energy systems and plasma torch products, just provided a general update on its additive manufacturing titanium powder plasma atomization strategy. Mr. P. Peter Pascali, President and CEO of PyroGenesis, provided this update in the following Q&A format. The …

  • 13 January

    New CEO Predicts 2017 Will Be a Strategic Year for Prodways

    The head of partnerships and R&D at Prodways Technology* since 2015 and recently appointed CEO, Alban d’Halluin looks back at a year marked by significant developments and announces the ambitious goals of the leading French industrial 3D printer manufacturer. You took charge of Prodways Technology in late 2016. How would …

December, 2016

October, 2016