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RegenHU Launches Bio-synthetic Extra Cellular Matrix Bioink for 3D Bioprinting

The market for advanced biomaterials developed specifically for 3D bioprinting is growing as regenHU, an innovative bio-printing solution provider, has combined its expertise with PeptiGelDesign Technologies to provide a range of synthetic ready-to-use bioink products specifically designed for bioprinting in 3D cell biology and tissue engineering applications. Even more so than in …

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Fraunhofer‘s Lighthouse Project “Go Beyond 4.0“ Software Efficiently Determines 3D Printability

Fraunhofer‘s lighthouse project Go Beyond 4.0 Digital printing and laser processes have so far hardly been used in mass production in order to individualize products. With this combination, serial products can be designed individually and cost-effectively, right down to the unique item. The new Fraunhofer lighthouse project “Go Beyond 4.0” …

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Diode Area Melting (DAM) Technology Developed to Speed Up Metal 3D Printing

UK researchers have developed a new additive manufacturing process known as Diode Area Melting (DAM). This new approach to metal 3D printing which could lead to much faster production rates. Their work supported by funding from an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) allocated impact acceleration grant (IIKE), and conducted …

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MIT Scientists Test Beetle-Inspired, Responsive, 3D Printed Robot Skin with Embedded Electronics

In this age of smartphones and tablet computers, touch-sensitive surfaces are everywhere. They’re also brittle, as people with cracked phone screens everywhere can attest. Covering a robot — or an airplane or a bridge — with sensors will require a technology that is both flexible and cost-effective to manufacture in …

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