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World’s First Operational 3D Printed Excavator Is Live at the IFPE Show in Las Vegas (Video)

For the past two years a conglomerate of trade associations, industry, government and academia have been collaborating on the world’s first operational 3D printed excavator. That project made a giant leap forward with the recent printing of a prototype that leveraged large-scale additive manufacturing technologies and further explores the feasibility …

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JUNO Design Video Shows Use of 3D Technologies to Make Motorcycle Parts for Top Italian Brands

JUNO Design, one of the most experienced rapid prototyping studios in Italian automotive sector and beyond, just released a spectacular video showing exactly how they use all 3D technologies (including 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing) in order to turn ideas into original products ready for serial production. Set in Borgo Panigale, …

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Carbon Shows 3D Printing of Electric Motorcycle Final Parts in Latest Video

Since Carbon’s M1 and CLIP technology entered the scene, 3D printing is not just about prototyping anymore. Now, through new breakthroughs in materials and process, major brands such as BMW, Delphi and now Alta Motors can create real, functional motorcycle parts and iterate on their designs at speeds like never …

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