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3D Scanning Pioneers Dacuda Sell Off 3D Division to Magic Leap

In its ongoing effort to provide customer oriented software solutions based on the most advanced computer vision technologies, Dacuda is refocusing its product portfolio on their well known Productivity Solutions and divesting from its 3D division, which, according to unofficial reports, has been sold off to Magic Leap. Dacuda boasts …

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Microsoft Acquired Simplygon to Stengthen Its 3D for Everyone Proposition

Microsoft acquired Simplygon, a premier developer of automatic 3D data-optimization solutions. This acquisition accelerates our 3D For Everyone vision and strategy, which Microsoft introduced with the Windows 10 Creators Update at our event this past October in New York. Simplygon’s technology and talent will strengthen Microsoft’s position in 3D creation, making …

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Mixed Reality Meets Wearable Tech: 360° Video Recording Sunglasses From ORBI

The blending of the physical and digital worlds has arrived, with 3D scanning, virtual reality, and additive manufacturing forming a complete 3D ecosystem. However, while 3D scanning and printing allow us to create and manipulate objects, emerging technologies are pointing to 360° virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) as entirely new …

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Mixed Reality Devices Are On the Way to the Mass Market, How Will You Mix Your Reality?

While also used in research and university contexts, “mixed reality” is Microsoft’s term for their new holographic computing line associated with the Hololens. It’s also the term used by the increasingly less-stealthy startup Magic Leap. HP calls it “blended reality”; Autdoesk refers to it as “reality computing”; and 3D Systems …

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