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Factory of the Future at the Heart of Latest Partnership Between Materialise and Taiwan’s ITRI

Materialise, a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing (AM) software and sophisticated 3D printing solutions in the medical and industrial markets, is collaborating with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan on “Factory of the Future” research. ITRI has been engaged in the research and development of metal AM technologies that will undoubtedly become part of the Factory of the Future incorporating the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite. ITRI 3 copiaITRI has been devoted to applied research and technical services for more than 40 years, helping industries stay competitive and sustainable. In order to introduce the complete AM workflow to the industry ITRI has developed its own industry-grade metal 3D printing machines, combining their specific process technologies with the Materialise AM software backbone. With more than 25 years of experience in developing software for 3D printing and an ever-growing network of partners from the most demanding industries, ITRI chose Materialise as the most suitable partner in pursuit of the Factory of the Future. The partnership constitutes a leading example for the AM industry worldwide. ITRIWhen a company dives into AM, it requires a system that can capture valuable information such as process, machine, material, and sample data so that they can efficiently create links between the different test data, gain deeper insight into the consequences of certain choices and help reveal bottlenecks more quickly and thoroughly. Materialise Streamics software is this kind of AM focused management system and it has a significant impact on the ease of process stabilization and scalability of the AM process. It decreases human labor and error through different software automations such as automatic part labeling, which further increases the efficiency of the process, beneficiary for larger production runs. Materialise Streamics monitors the 3D printing machines and stores all relevant build data in a centralized system, ensuring traceability and enabling repeatable quality. To increase process control and to make optimal use of ITRI’s scanning technologies, a direct communication between the Materialise Streamics production management system and ITRI’s metal 3D printing machine is established through the Materialise Build Processor. This is a central printing management system that provides a simplified workflow for the user; with the possibility to create and assign machine-specific build styles to the parts and platform, as well as slicing and exporting the data to the machine. In addition, it gives the user access to Materialise’s groundbreaking slice-based technology. This slicing software reduces the file size of non- manageable, complex designs and leads to the successful printing of products that could otherwise never have been brought to life without these sophisticated slicing parameters. Companies that are interested in discovering how their production process can benefit from Additive Manufacturing and what pitfalls to avoid can download Materialise’s white paper “Unlock the full potential of AM”, located on this webpage.

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