3D Printing Going Big

The Dresden-based 3D printer manufacturer facts42morrow GmbH implements its concept for
large modular 3D printers into practice. In April, the company presented the prototypes at the 
Hannover Fair 2017. The modular concept allows the assembly of tailor-made machines according 
to customer-specific requirements. The printing systems have been designed for professional use 
and are now available from facts42morrow GmbH.

In a second step, the modular approach is to be made freely available on an online platform in order 
to serve as a basis for an open application and an open development. This includes, among other things, 
the publication of construction plans and parts lists and assembly instructions, as well as potential
procurement sources. This allows an autonomous assembly or upgrade or evolution of a customized 
and professional printing system, according to the needs of the relevant users.

For this purpose, the company will soon launch the crowdfunding campaign "STURDY 1" on the 
Indiegogo platform in order to gain worldwide support for this project.


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