3D Printing Filaments, Leading Suppliers Agree Industry Has But Begun Its Expansion Cycle

From the very early days, when the low cost 3D printing industry began to take shape (in late 2013) it immediately became clear that materials were going to be the real key to its future developments. Although filaments remain somewhat pricey compared to thermoplastic granules, they are incredibly affordable when it comes to prototyping and […]

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Xjet AM machine 1Small
Investments for $25 Million Secured by XJet from Autodesk Spark

With investments such as those in Carbon3D’s CLIP and Voxel8’s 3D printed electronics, Autodesk Spark has become a quality seal for new 3D printing technologies, even before it will become the “universal 3D print button”. Now Autodesk Spark has turned its attention toward XJet’s revolutionary Nano Metal Particle Jetting technology. The company has just announced the completion […]

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The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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