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Over the last fifteen years, Métropole has developed real know-how by dressing up places of life: cinema, shopping centers, stadiums, major exhibitions, exhibition parks, major works and major axes of cities.Expert in large format digital printing and event management, with more than 700 advertising fabrics under its belt since 2000, Métropole has mastered the entire production and marketing process: printing, making, laying and marketing of spaces.Métropole brings a quality service, integrating the stakes of responsiveness, security and respect for the environment and regulations.
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Iterate is focussed on working with clients who want to develop new products associated with the Internet of Things. We are a dynamic team of design engineers who blend creative and technical expertise in order to produce exciting products that disrupt international markets. With manufacturing partners in the UK and Far East, we are able to provide a comprehensive work flow – starting with an initial concept and finishing with a ‘shop shelf’ quality output.
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fado design
Fado Design was created as a subsidiary of FADO Group, a company with more than 30 years of experience in tooling & injection moulding. Seeing enormous potential and growth of 3d printing, we decided to come up with initiative for young, creative artists and designers. Freedom of design offered by 3D printing redefines the existing rules and allows people to think outside the box, with no constrains bound to conventional technologies.We appreciate young, creative and ambitious people.
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Evans & Sutherland is the world's first computer graphics company and has developed advanced computer graphics technologies for almost four decades. Focusing primarily on digital planetariums and digital cinemas worldwide, E&S offers Digistar, the world's leading digital planetarium system, fulldome programs and production services, giant screen films formatted for fulldome theaters, premium-quality projection domes and theater design services.
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3D Virtual Hollywood Prop Department Our current focus is to provide a complete, comprehensive resource of low polygon, real-time 3D models - the virtual 3D equivalent of a Hollywood prop department, enabling our customer's to quickly and easily build Virtual Realities (Web 3D), visualizations and simulations, that won't break the budget - polygon or financial. Long term we are committed to producing the coolest, wierdest, most realistic virtual actors, creatures and lifeforms that will walk,crawl, slither and fly through Cyberspace.
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WE ARE A MULTIDISCIPLINARY PRODUCTION COMPANY SPECIALISING IN PRODUCING INSTALLATION-BASED EXPERIENCES THAT HARNESS EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES WITH CREATIVE RIGOUR. With a track record spanning over 13 years and hundreds of installations in both the UK and abroad, we are known for leveraging new technologies for creative communications well before they hit the mainstream; we’ve been augmenting reality since 2006, printing in 3D since 2005, and creating virtual realities since 2001.
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Alienology is Los Angeles based design studio and consultancy, active in the areas of Product Design, Architecture, Concept Design for film and themed environments – all done with expert 2D and 3D CGI skills.To see award-winning 3D CGI and concept design film work from Alienology’s founder Igor Knezevic visit:
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Design, Branding, Products Design, High quality 3D visualizing, rendering. Providing unlimited resources Of creativity, unique and Innovative design concept for your needs with skillful designer team. Our office Located at 8 mile junction, upper fourth floor of Yoma Bank.,As experts in design consultant and management systems Invisible Studio is involved in every stage upon client needs of design Management from implementation to completion offering continual functional and technical support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, including business requirements definition, development of functional specifications for client approval, design concept, and overseeing development teams to fit specific client needs. Typically, we are on-site at the handling client demands and providing functional supports..
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Hackett 3D is part of the Hackett group, for over 60 years the leading reprographics business in Ireland, consisting of 5 branches across the country. With so many years’ experiences serving the professional design sector, we understand the importance of presentation in a creative environment. 3D printed models are a new and exciting technology that will complement any client offering.We offer 3D printing in Dublin at our Baggot Street branch and can produce detailed, accurate physical models directly from a wide variety of file types, more cost effectively than traditional methods and much more quickly! Our core value is speed and reliability of service – we understand that your deadlines are crucial and we can offer an overnight 3D printing service. For more complex models that require specialised finishing, our turnaround is 3-5 days.
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"TLAC is an innovative 2D/3D Design, Digital & Print Publishing technology company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Every month, we drop a cheque off at SickKids Hospital, made out to Patient Care. TLAC is an intelligently designed and sustainable model that makes a big difference in the lives of our clients and our community.TLAC is a slovakian word and is pronounced tuh'lasse, which means Printing of All Matter. We are rated 28 out of 30 based on 63 ratings on Google. We're rated ""Extraordinary to near perfection."" by Google. At TLAC, we humbly strive to raise the standards everyday in our industry through discipline, hard work, committment, and team spirit. We are a small team that is making a big impact."
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Drawpon-Lab è la prima società italiana di industrial design “low cost e total quality service” completamente online. I 6 laboratori che la compongono offrono una gamma di servizi molto ampia, dalla grafica per biglietti da visita alla progettazione e prototipazione di nuovi prodotti. Grazie all’avanzatissima organizzazione aziendale ed al suo portale web, primo al mondo ad essere brevettato, Drawpon-Lab offre servizi di massimo livello a costi dimezzati rispetto all’offerta tradizionale di progettazione e sviluppo nel settore industrial design. Una scelta infinita, questo è ciò che offre Drawpon-Lab ai suoi clienti. Grazie a centinaia di designer e professionisti che partecipano operativamente nei 6 laboratori, siamo in grado di offrire al cliente un’ampia scelta di soluzioni, stili e concept molto differenti tra loro.I nostri professionisti arrivano da tutto il mondo ma sono coordinati da personale italiano altamente qualificato che ha lavorato per i più importanti nomi del design mondiale. Il cliente definisce il budget, noi troviamo la miglior soluzione.La nostra filosofia si basa sul principio “ask and forget” in cui il cliente chiede un servizio a Drawpon, ne indica il budget disponibile e la data di consegna dopodiché, al resto pensiamo noi.Grazie al nostro portale brevettato “” la richiesta del cliente viene subito presa in carico e gestita automaticamente attivando il laboratorio di competenza e i professionisti più idonei. In poco tempo il cliente riceverà una serie di proposte grafiche, tecniche, concettuali ed altro ancora che potrà acquistare o declinare senza alcun impegno.
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"3D Studios has been providing brand management services since 1997. Our services include graphic design, commercial photography, website design and maintenance, non profit consulting, commercial printing and social media management. We provide the expertise for any job from concept to completion.A strong brand is an invaluable asset for a business. Companies must differentiate to be competitive in the global economy. The most effective brands engage and connect on an emotional level and establish a trustworthy identity to set themselves apart. First impressions matter. Image matters and our job is to make you look good. "
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"We provide High Quality Graphic Design and Broadcast Animation for your business.Creative Studio is Design studio that specializes in Broadcast Packaging, TV Commercial Production, Motion Graphics, Interactive Content Creation, 2D, 3D Animation, Compositing & High Quality Website Designing."
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"Case 3D is a creative studio that provides 3D visualization, animation, design and branding services tailored to the needs of professionals in the fields of architecture, design, real estate, engineering, web design.Our vision is to take your ideas and desires in order to present them to the world. To do this, we employ our creativity, extensive education, and passion for moving boundaries.We believe that a personal approach, team work and devotion are the key traits for creating quality service. These values are essential in all of our projects since we strive to achieve a long lasting collaboration with each of our clients."
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" is a unique classifieds network website that promises its visitors/users high quality information with a unique browsing experience. Nothing like it so ambitious was ever attempted before in the Cyprus market. Cyprus3DVision is the prefect and most sophisticated web-tool in your possession for targeted information to search, advertise and be proud to be part of is a sister company of 3D Virtuality Ltd., a young but innovative, company which has been established with the cooperation of Cypriots, Danish and Norwegian businessmen and professionals, in order to introduce amongst others the 360° “virtual reality” photography in Cyprus – aiming at the highest possible standards."
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1990 was the starting of 3D Graphics, special invention of a professional advertisement. We specialized and focused to satisfy our clients with the most latest and brilliant methods of advertisement.
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"Formerly 3rd Dimension we draw on 14 years experience as we begin a new era under our new brand. We look forward to working with you as we grow and develop our range of 3D services.Does your project have a design, planning or marketing challenge that 3D can solve? If so, then we can help. Whether it is Architectural Visualisation, BIM, 3D Product Design, 3D Printing or 3D Graphics, we will deliver a solution to meet your requirements. We are a 3D Studio specialising in 3D processes which include 3D Modelling, BIM modelling, 3D Visualisation, 3D Rendering and 3D Animation. We provide solutions to a wide range of industries and professions working with clients throughout all stages of their projects."
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"UK studio 3D animation production. This 3D animation company does render scenes of architectural visualization showing architects' plan renderings, full 3D architectural renderings and architectural animation. The rendering of 3D walkthrough graphics and architectural visualisations are a passion. PowerPoint 3D, ppt 3D and 3D PowerPoint addons are a staple of our 3D animations output. Combining slick PowerPoint presentation with the visual impact of an embedded 3D graphic animation e.g. a virtual product visualization or an eye-catching 3D logo animation. Interactive CDrom production is a speciality as is kiosk development producing 3D Rom designer CD rom presentations for both marketing and training. "
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3D Arts is a creative production company. 3D Arts produces TV-commercials, sponsor tags, high quality illustrations and multi-platform animations for advertising and marketing purposes. Our customers include international advertisers and agencies. 3D Arts Animation excels in 3D-animation and character design. The core competence is in an efficient and skilled advertisement production. This is based on a decade of experience in the field of advertising industry. Established year 2000 the company is 100% owned by its founders. 3D Arts is located in Jyväskylä, Finland.
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