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Protech was founded in 1993 and has since grown into a leading supplier of 3D printers and CAD / CAM systems in the Nordic countries.
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Dynamism is an industry leading 3D printing solutions for business and education, and it has been a leader in tech since 1997. Dynamism offers expert and friendly 3D printing advice for all.
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les showroom 3d
Le Showroom 3D est un magasin spécialisé dans la vente de matériel d'impression 3D. Voilà.
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Prototyping Solutions Logo
Prototyping Solutions, one of the largest Stratasys 3D Printer resellers in North America, is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and covers 9 states in the Southeast US.
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Need an excellent surface finish? STOP the handwork and/or using messy environmentally unfriendly chemicals. From 1 to 100,000 3D Printed parts? Hands free, automated, repeatable, consistent finishing of parts using our "library quiet" equipment.
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Limit 3D-printing to the big companies? Off course not, not anymore! We at Trideus try to uncover 3D-printing to everybody. We give hobbyist, designers and fans of gadgets the opportunity to browse a  big range of high qualitative, affordable 3D-printers, resources and accessories of different manufacturers. Customers that want to discover 3D printing, or who want a personal demonstration before purchasing, can visit our showroom in Lummen.
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