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The Velocity Group is transforming the way concepts are developed into products.We help our clients accelerate time from idea to profit by providing single-source accountability for and management of the entire range of resources needed to bring concepts to profitable, market-ready products, to scale up for manufacturing and to produce them efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Prosper3D's Quote & Workflow Automation Solution is a fully customizable software suite that increases sales and boosts productivity through smart automation. Whether used internally or by your customers, Prosper3D can create instant quotes that exactly replication your own sales logic while simplifying your production workflow process.Prosper3D is the only solution on the market to factor in everything required to build effective quotes, including printer-specific technologies, print times, model materials, support and filler materials, tray modes, manual or auto-orientation, assemblies, multi-part, multi-color, nesting, waste, as well as other pricing considerations such as unique pricing algorithms, factors and markups, post-printing fees and services, lead time factors, shipping and more.For close to 20 years our only business has developing amazing software for the 3D printing industry, so you can be rest-assured that we work for you, and never compete against you.
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SAP Software
Gain the flexibility and oversight to anticipate demand and deliver. This SAP software covers demand planning to inventory management—so you can provide seamless integration, on-demand responsiveness, and customer satisfaction in every moment.
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Start Your Own 3DP (3D Printing / 3D Printer / Rapid Protoyping) Shop or Farm with our powerful 3D Printing Platform. Provide Instant Quotes and Checkout Options to your customers on your site. Now with our Astroprint Integration, you can fulfill orders seamlessly.
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Thrinno BVBA.ha
Convince potential clients with professional-looking quotations that include clear visualizations of possible design improvements
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"It is our mission to make it easier for people and companies to find, share and protect 3D Content.3Dpartsource.com3D search engine for Industrial Designers and Procurement Specialists to instantly and accurately source industrial components and parts using CAD models and 3D scans.3Dshap.esThe de facto 3D printing search engine. Portal for Makers and Designers to help them intuitively discover and source 3D printable files, browsing by shape rather than by words.Register3D.com3D design owners can be automatically notified if copies are found elsewhere. Critical for protecting IP and allowing the world to share 3D data without fear of counterfeiting."
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