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Sharebot Srl is a dynamic company founded by two young entrepreneurs to design, develop and market 3D printers that are easy to use and capable of professional results. Founded in 2012, today Sharebot offers a third generation 3D printer that blends robustness, design and performance. With Sharebot NG the company targets professional and companies that need a solution for rapid prototyping at small prices, so that they may have at hand, in the office, a printer capable of making “proofs” quickly and with good quality, letting them rely on the more expensive professional 3D printing services only when the parts are finalized and checked against the requirements.
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Through its proprietary SHS™ technology, BluePrinter delivers professional 3D models comparable to laser sintering quality - more simple and affordable. SHS™ technology uses a thermal printhead as opposed to a laser in SLS machines The thermal printhead applies heat on layers of thermoplastic powder in the build chamber. It allows for free forming of any complex geometry (minimum wall thickness is 1 mm) and can load and print several 3D models.
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The start-up company Sinterit from Poland was created by three creative engineers (ex-google employees). Their product Lisa 3D enables a compact solution for laser sintering technology. Their product has been on the market since December 2014 and it was first in the world desktop laser sintering machine.
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Sintratec is a young Swiss company that is specialized in the development, production and distribution of desktop laser sintering 3D printers. Due to a successfully completed crowdfunding campaign in 2014 the first Sintratec Kit was financed within a month.In the same year, Sintratec ranked first at the SwissUpStart challenge in the category “Technology”.For further information, including interview requests, please contact us using the contact form on our websiteSintratec AG Badenerstrasse 13 5200 Brugg Switzerland
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