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Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey is a global leader in sustainable technologies applying cutting edge science to create solutions with customers that make a real difference to the world around us.We are small enough so that you can make an impact and big enough to offer a wide range of career opportunities within a professional and energetic working environment.
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Cerhum S.A.
CERHUM produces medical devices using additive manufacturing (3D printing) and advanced materials. These ones are ceramic based like artificial bones (hydroxyapatite), dental similar (zirconia) or heat resistant (alumina). Our special feature is providing complete solution from design prototype to industrial production.
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MINERVA produces cores and shapes according to your CAD data in the 3D printing process. For this purpose, we use various ceramics and burn-out materials, depending on the requirements of your work piece and casting process.
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Ceramco, Inc.
Ceramco manufactures technical ceramic parts for customer-specific applications and ceramic fasteners for general use in technical applications. We provide parts both in high and low quantities to give our customers the flexibility of taking their designs from concept to production.
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Formatec Ceramics
We also make exclusive design products such as watches, telephones, pens and jewelry - all these use ceramic parts made by Formatec Ceramics. That’s because grinding and polishing ceramic shapes results in ultra-smooth, high-gloss surfaces with deep-black, bright white or any other available color. Combined with the material’s extreme hardness, technical ceramics provides a durability that outlasts that of precious metals many times over.
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Steinbach AG
Die Steinbach AG ist ein mittelständischer, weltweit erfolgreicher Industriedienstleister mit Hauptsitz in Detmold (NRW) und Vertretungen in Shanghai, Charlotte/USA, Taipei und Brisbane.Im Laufe der über 90-jährigen Firmengeschichte sind und bleiben die kontinuierliche Produktentwicklung sowie die Ausweitung auf verschiedene Geschäftsfelder die tragenden Säulen des Erfolges der Steinbach AG.
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OSE – Optimized System Engineering
The specific payloads we are developing are based on advanced design, calculation and structure optimization of opto-mechanical and optical systems. It enables to enhance imaging quality, propose differentiating uses, bring new product functions while improving orbiting cost by lightweighting and miniaturizing structures.
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The WZR ceramic solutions GmbH was founded in 1996 by Dr. Wolfgang Kollenberg and moved into in the newly built technology-center in Rheinbach. The resources have been expanded constantly to be able to offer rapid and convenient ceramic components in order quantities between 1 and 100. In this regards the potential of ceramic materials for additive manufacturing was already recognized in 2004. Since that time WZR has invested extensively in that technology and has consolidated its competence with innovative patents
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La fabrication additive est un nouveau changement de paradigme dans la fabrication ainsi que dans la technologie des matériaux. Z3DLAB se veut être acteur à fortes propositions dans ce secteur où l’innovation, la rupture avec les habitudes, le numérique ainsi que la personnalisation se rencontrent pour se matérialiser. C’est pourquoi Z3DLAB se concentre sur 3 axes d’expertise : De la conception à la réalisation (prototypes, petites séries; En métal réactif ou non ) La maîtrise des structures lattice L’innovation matière & processus de fabrication Basée dans le Val-d’Oise, Z3DLAB est équipée de matériels de pointe dans la Fabrication Additive métal capable de produire des pièces dans différents matériaux non réactifs et réactifs y compris le Titane. La fabrication de pièces métalliques par fusion sélective par laser connue sous la dénomination AM (Additive Manufacturing) ou impression 3D métal est une technologie de rupture en matière de production de pièces avec une approche nouvelle de la conception à la réalisation. On parle de Fabrication Additive / Rapide / Directe ou E-manufacturing lorsque l’on produit des pièces série directement, sans passer par un outillage.
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"3DCeram brings together a combination of expert skills that is unparalleled in the fields of materials and processes dedicated to the rapid forming of complex-architecture ceramic objects.The company capitalizes on the many possibilities offered by laser stereolithography applied to ceramics, a proprietary technology. 3DCeram developed a full range of services to support you in your technologically challenging projects, from the selection of the type of ceramic, specifications definition (expression of needs), R&D and the fine tuning of the part, through to industrial series production."
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At Xilloc, we believe that engineering and technology can be used even more in healthcare for the benefit of individual patients. “Personalized medicine” is a term often coined. We feel however, that this is not yet applied to implants and prosthetics, as these are mostly standard products, sometimes modified for an improved fit. Everybody is different and unique and therefore the human body and a patient’s anatomy should be the starting point for the design and engineering of individual implants and prosthetics. We feel that we can bridge the gap between the physician and individually engineered products. As such we aim to provide Patient Specific implants to reconstruct parts of the human’s skeleton.
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