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Sharmic Engineering
Sharmic Engineering is a Midlands based family business, celebrating in 2016, 40 years in component surface treatment. We specialise in the supply of both new and refurbished vibratory finishing machines and systems to perform such operations as component deburring, desclaing, cleaning, degreasing and polishing. We supply many industries including, Aerospace, Medical, automotive, and fancy goods. We offer an extensive range of finishing media and chemicals and also a fast and efficient sub contract finishing service.
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Over 30 years of experience gives Hanman Advanced Castings the edge when it comes to supplying high quality parts at a competitive price.We recognise that it is not enough to just have dimensionally accurate prototype alloy castings – they need to mechanically simulate production parts in every way.Through many years experience working with some of the biggest and most demanding manufacturing companies in the world, Hanman have perfected advanced casting processes which will simulate production castings.This enables not only casting one-offs for product testing, but casting batches used for setting up manufacturing and quality processes.Hanman have concentrated on perfecting their casting processes, operation and team, to ensure their clients get the highest quality parts, delivered quickly, cost-effectively – with a personal service.
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The AstraChrome project was born when our sister company Gamma Science Ltd was asked to investigate and improve the performance of an existing spray chrome system and to make it commercially viable. Over four years of R&D and continuous improvement by our team of scientists the system is as perfect as we can make it. Advanced in almost every aspect over other chrome spray systems, AstraChrome is the only spray chrome system that can offer a consistent, reliable finish, batch after batch. Not content to rest on their laurels, our scientists continuously strive to improve performance. AstraChrome does not tarnish, or stain and we have tested the adhesion of our spray chrome surface to 60Kilos per square centimetre. All this makes AstraChrome the performance standard by which all other Spray on Chrome systems can be judged.
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Armstrong RM is a family owned business that blends old world values, craftsmanship and technology to deliver production grade metal and plastic products in both prototype and low-volume production quantities.
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3DDC is the first European company to set up a metal coating facility specifically for products that have been produced using 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies. The Metalise... it process was developed in-house by the experts at 3DDC, and provides customers with the highest quality of plated plastic and 3D printed parts available on the market today. The company specialises in metal coating parts for one-off projects or small lot production runs.
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