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Cyber-physical security for 3D printing, packaging, drugs, electronics: InfraTrac’s chemical fingerprints protect against counterfeiting, with a covert internal taggant mix that can be authenticated instantly, anywhere. Additive manufacturing is moving from prototyping into manufacturing, starting with defense and aerospace spare parts and medical devices. The rise of 3D scanners makes it possible for anybody to make a copy, authorized or not, and there have not been ways to validate the object itself. InfraTrac’s patented technology places layers inside the object, managed with secure printer software, to protect both brands and national security. Validation uses a special light, an off-the-shelf, pocket-sized spectrometer, that provides a simple yes-no answer: genuine or fake.
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DMH Stallard provides integrated legal services from offices in London, Gatwick, Guildford, and Brighton.DMH Stallard was named Corporate Law Firm of the Year at Insider South East Dealmakers Awards 2016. At the MPF European Practice Management Awards DMH Stallard was received the Best Financial Management Award in 2010 and was awarded Best Use of Technology in 2009. The firm is recognised in the leading legal directories, Chambers & Partners and Legal 500, across all its key practice areas.
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The attractive quality of life and low cost of living in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina allows Myers Bigel, P.A. (Myers Bigel) to attract and keep some of the best legal talent in the country while keeping overhead costs much lower than firms located in expensive major metropolitan areas. As a result, our clients have access to experienced lawyers producing and enforcing top-quality patents, with billing rates dramatically lower than big city competitors and well below the national average.
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Maucher Jenkins is a leading full-service IP firm advising clients in the UK, Germany and worldwide. Our attorneys advise innovative clients who wish to identify, establish, protect, exploit and enforce their IP rights. We have significant knowledge and experience in a range of technologies including engineering, manufacturing, materials, medtech, electronics and IT. As well as patents, trade marks, registered designs and oppositions, our growing litigation practice handles disputes in the European, English and German courts.
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3M Innovative Properties Company obtains, protects, and manages intellectual property rights.
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With more than 350 intellectual property professionals, Finnegan is one of the world’s largest IP law firms practicing all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law, including counseling, prosecution, licensing, and litigation. Finnegan delivers sophisticated legal strategies to help clients, including those who use additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping or end-product manufacturing to protect, advocate, and leverage their innovative technologies and valuable IP assets. For more information, please visit
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GROW is a 3D Printing Platform designed to allow fully secure file transfer from industrial designers to manufacturing bureaux.GROW also enables users to add further data to their design file before it is encrypted, setting out manufacturing instructions that will be read directly by GROW compatible hardware. This gives designers the confidence that their product will be manufactured in a consistent manner.
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MarkAny is a leading security solution provider and the most competitive and reliable provider of total security services, particularly in copyrights protection, internal security and forgery prevention through a comprehensive Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Watermarking technology. With in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, MarkAny is leading a national R&D project of developing 3D content copyright protection system and technology through its profound technical references and ongoing R&D efforts in the proposed security area.
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Convert your 3D printable design into a protected LEO file
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Argentinian born designer licing in Madrid, became known for freely distributing low polygon Pokemon inspired 3D models under CC license, as these were modified and occasionally sold by other users, stirring copyright controversy.
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Source3 is a collaboration of music licensing innovators and 3D printing experts, focused on unlocking the promise of 3D printing via scalable and customizable rights management solutions.Successful rights management may take many forms and feature many components, including content aggregation, licensing, distribution, education and community-building. The same solution is not appropriate for every rights management challenge.
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Located in San Francisco, Identify3d provides intellectual property protection, quality assurance, and data security in all phases of digital manufacturing. We are industry veterans providing products and services for designers, distributors, and manufacturers. If you are in or plan to enter the digital manufacturing space, please contact us for further information.
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Protects 3D printed products from fakes and mistakes. InfraTrac's patented chemical fingerprints authenticate objects with an under-the-skin layer, detected with a pocket-sized special light. InfraTrac's taggants act like the peanut butter and jelly inside a sandwich: you can't see them, but the detector can.
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"UrbanAlps is a multi-award winning high-tech startup based in Switzerland and developing a new standard of high security cylinder-locks and keys. During the last 2 years UrbanAlps has pushed hard to develop one of the safest high security systems in the world. Aiming at setting a new standard for the realm of high security. A range of cylinder locks and un-scannable keys based on the Stealth Key concept, a patent pending key that cannot be duplicated. No matter how many pictures or home 3D scanners are used, it cannot be copied: a groundbreaking solution to the duplication threat."
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Benesch is a business law firm with offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Hackensack, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Shanghai and Wilmington. Benesch is dedicated to building a deep understanding of our clients, their businesses and their industries. We develop client-focused teams to ensure first class legal service, view business issues from our clients' perspective and assist in discovering the best legal services to address our clients' needs, drawing upon the strengths of diverse, knowledgeable and experienced lawyers. The firm services national and international clients that include public and private, middle market and emerging companies as well as private equity funds, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, trusts and estates.
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Transcend 3D is a global strategy consulting firm focused on 3D Printing technology across sectors and beyond borders.  We exist to serve the burgeoning enterprises as well as the established players in additive manufacturing -- to mitigate risks and harness opportunities;  to translate complexities into workable solutions that contribute to profitability; to present potentials and possibilities; and to help you navigate the "rules of the road" for today's marketplace and beyond.  We pride ourselves on "thinking on a different plane" and serving as long-term trusted advisors.The consultancy was founded in 2014 by Charlene Flick, a global intellectual property and technology attorney and the former Special Advisor for Intellectual Property at the U.S. Department of State during President Clinton's Administration.  Ms. Flick continues to serve as Principal and Founder and is a frequent speaker at conferences and investor roundtables around the world.  She is also the founder of the New York City 3D Printing Entrepreneurs Meetup.
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