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Started in 1984, Tiara’s Jewellery has ‘shop-hopped’ from one premises to another as it has grown in popularity. Started by Jacky Hutchens in a small shopping Centre at Arkaba, Tiara's eventually moved to Norwood Parade 20 years ago. Beginning on the north side, the store is now situated on the sunnier, south side of the Parade.Tiara's is now at home in it’s biggest, brightest premises ever, displaying it’s most outstanding range of pearls, diamonds, watches, Pandora and every other type of must-have jewellery.
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We are your expert in precious metal 3D printing, creating unique products for you! Explore an uprecedented level of customization and individualisation at highest detail. Get in touch!
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Das Wort "monomer" kommt aus dem altgriechischen und bedeutet „Einzelteil“. Der Begriff taucht aber auch in der Chemie auf und bezeichnet einzelne Moleküle, die sich mit anderen verketten können.Sowohl das „Einzelteil“ im Sinne eines Unikates, als auch einzelne Moleküle, die sich zu einem großen Ganzen verbinden sind das Besondere an Schmuck von monomer.
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John Brevard LLC
John Brevard applies his background in architecture and multidisciplinary arts to create designs that are both visually appealing and conceptually rich. Inspired by principles of natural order, each creation is symbolic of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. From an early age, Brevard has been fascinated by the life cycle and mystical experiences as they relate to proportions and patterns found in nature and theoretical sciences, namely sacred geometry. His interest in sacred geometry and phenomenology arose after Brevard contracted a rare combination of encephalitis and meningitis at the age of 14, an episode that left John in a coma for several weeks. This near-death experience stripped JB of all prior memory and drove his pursuit of self-understanding, which he cultivated through the study of sacred geometry and the physics of consciousness. He dove deeper into these topics during his graduate studies in architecture, where he focused on the relationship between phenomenology, ecology, and sustainability. This research and life experience became the foundation for the company.
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Stilnest connects the most inspiring fashion professionals and their communities through the power of 3D printing. Get exclusive access to fine statements that are designed to spread from Berlin to New York, from Capetown to London – wherever you are.
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Kerr Corporation
Kerr Corporation is a manufacturer of premiere dental consumables sold both domestically and internationally. Comprised of four core identities — Kerr Restoratives, Kerr Endodontics, Kerr Rotary and Kerr TotalCare —Kerr has been serving the comprehensive needs of the entire dental care community in pursuit of enhancing oral health since 1891.
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Stuller, Inc.
Matt Stuller founded Stuller, Inc. in 1970. From our manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, we provide next-day delivery of more than 200,000 different items to over 40,000 jewelry professionals worldwide.We own four operations — three in North America and one in Bangkok, Thailand. Through these, we provide a complete range of products and services for jewelry professionals including design technology and comprehensive CAD/CAM Services that meet each jeweler’s need for customization. Stuller's core product categories include: bridal jewelry, mountings, jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, findings, metals, tools, supplies, and digital solutions.
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Gemvision Corporation
Part of the Stuller family of innovative companies, Gemvision develops advanced technology tools for the creation of jewelry.
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Gold Star Powders
GSP, with its sister companies, is now the largest manufacturer of Investment Casting Powder in the world, producing over 30,000 tonnes worldwide per year; this equates to 1.5 million sacks (22.7 kg) of investment powders.
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Selini Bespoke Jewellery specialise in beautifully designing and handcrafting engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Each piece is expertly created from conception to completion using the finest diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. Private consultations are available with Selini in-house designer and goldsmith Robin Girling to ensure our clients leave with a piece of jewellery commissioned to them personally.
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Happy friday yall! We're happy to tell you that we recently finished working on the outdoor seating area for the DGH Cafe at the Lincoln Center in NYC. Go check it out, grab a drink and watch the outdoor performances before the summer ends!
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Life presents us all with special moments that we’ll cherish forever. Even the faintest essence of these beautiful moments live with us forever and transport us to a singular point in time when we experienced pure joy. What if we could capture all of life’s precious moments in time with a perfectly crafted memory?
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Kristall Production Corporation, the largest polished diamonds manufacturer in Russia and in the whole Europe, was established more than 50 years ago. It is the first and sole DTC sightholder in the country. The company is the premier source of premium-class diamonds with access to the world’s major rough producers. The mission of Kristall Production Corporation is to reveal the beauty of a natural diamond, turning it into a polished stone of the ideal Russian Make, a symbol of perfection, love and prosperity. The company’s high-skilled craftsmen produce perfectly cut traditional and fancy-cut top-quality polished diamonds.
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We are a team of dedicated jewelry specialists, manufacturers, technology enthusiasts, and trendsetters. We care about quality and perfection.
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Bosmans Handmade Jewelry was brought to life with a few ideas in mind - to wear, to love, and to cherish. With us, your jewelry needs are in safe hands, because we believe in providing you with quality goods.
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A cutting edge web-based jewelry design tool enabling everyone, no matter what skill or experience level, to design their own personalized, custom jewelry. With WIZEgem, the opportunities are endless. Users select jewelry items, able to customize geometry, texture, engravings, etc. in a simple and intuitive manner. The days of compromising are over.
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At American Pearl, we pride ourselves on not only selling the best pearls at the best prices, but providing all the information you need to make the right decision about quality. We have customer service representatives on-staff to answer all of your questions; we can even help you choose the right clasp, determine ring sizes and pick out the perfect pearls. If you have questions, call us at 800-847-3275 or get in touch with us online and we'll be happy to help.
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Weston Beamor has been casting precious metals since 1947. Working with a broad spectrum of customers for over 60 years has made Weston Beamor one of the most respected and trusted names in the jewellery industry.
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love and robots
Everyone is unique, so why not celebrate your individuality. Love & Robots is a brand that is reinventing what jewellery can be. Using cutting-edge technologies, we create bespoke pieces that are made-to-order and entirely personalised to you.Our ranges are inspired by contemporary culture, geometry, architecture, graphic design and urban life. We use bright, colourful nylon as well as beautiful precious metals to create our pieces. In some of the ranges, you can interact with the jewellery, edit the design and make it personal to you. We then custom make it for you using 3d printing technologies. Love & Robots is also a design studio where we collaborate with brands, designers and artists on various projects.
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