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Kabuni Technologies Inc.
We started Kabuni in 2013 because we want to improve the experience of living, whether that means championing great design, developing community spirit, showcasing sustainable products, or supporting local charities. It's our goal to make a positive impact wherever we can. We make design accessible to everyone by changing the perception that it’s elitist or exclusive, and we attract socially conscious people who want to do good in their community.
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Print the Future
Print the Future, Inc. is transforming the home furnishing industry by bringing 3D printing into your living room. 3D printing is the cutting edge technology that turns an idea, a sketch or a dream into reality.Print the Future empowers everyone around the world to unleash their inner designer. By connecting you with world-renowned designers, Print the Future lets you select and build customized pieces of furniture and beautiful home goods delivered faster than it takes for paint to dry!
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taktiles design 1
Inspiration for tactile surfaces through personal experience with the traditional manufacturing techniques of wood carving & scuplting: Creative combinations of handmade textures, arts and object design.
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CellCore 3D
CellCore ist ein junges, dynamisches und im Aufbau befindliches Unternehmen aus Berlin, dass seinen Kunden einen neuartigen bionischen Ansatz in der numerischen Bauteiloptimierung anbietet. Mit Hilfe eigener Softwaretools sowie kommerziellen Lösungen im Bereich CAE bieten wir die Erstellung herstellungsgerechter CAD-Modelle komplexer und auf einen spezifischen Anwendungsfall optimierter zellularer Kerne und Strukturen an.
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From robotic automated manufacturing to the future of personal transportation, entertainment innovation to consumer tech, we have a proven track record of concept to market product development across a plethora of industries. Utilizing cutting edge design tools, visualization renderers, and prototyping technology, along with a focus on sustainability, manufacturability, efficiency, and quality design, we blur the lines between art and science to create beautiful, functional products.
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3 Space is a product development firm based out of Louisville, KY offering an integrated solution for all of your design, prototyping and production needs. 3 Space offers services including mechanical engineering, reverse engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing and manufacturing.
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Catalyst PDG, Inc.
Full service product design & development company. Industrial & Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, & Plastic Injection Molding.
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Cristian Visentin nasce nel 1972 a Varese, si laurea in Architettura indirizzo Disegno Industriale presso il Politecnico di Milano e frequenta un master in Industrial Design presso la Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) di Milano. Matura diverse esperienze lavorative in alcuni studi tra cui l’Atelier Bellini, lo studio arch. Marco Zanuso jr e il centro ricerche e sviluppo Baleri Italia. Da qualche anno ha avviato il proprio studio a Pavia, città dove vive, occupandosi di industrial design, grafica, arredamento di interni e architettura.
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Stefania Lucchetta
My jewels, made of biocompatible resin, polyamide, titanium or stellite, are the result of a long and deep research on shapes, materials and new techniques. Since the beginning, in 1999, my goal was to overcome the boundaries imposed by traditional materials and production techniques. My aim was to move forward, beyond what was already achievable, pushing modern technologies to their limits and exploring their full potential, to find new possibilities of expression.
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David Bachman
David Bachman is currently leading a dual life as a design professional and professor of mathematics. He received his PhD in 1999 from the University of Texas at Austin, and has since published over 16 research articles and two books on Geometry and Topology. Eight years ago David's background in Mathematics and his affinity for working with his hands converged when he began to experiment with 3D printing. Since then he has created unique sculptures by using several CAD modeling packages (most notably, Rhino 3D and Grasshopper), a variety of 3D printers, and a garage full of tools. For most of that time he has been regularly consulting with artists and designers across the globe to help bring their ideas to reality through his company, David Bachman Design, Inc.
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logo (25)
JBM Group possesses the equal concern for social objectives and the organisation has nurtured this sense for public
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Useful, aesthetic, unique. 3D printed, modern-day heirlooms created on demand by the best designers in the world.
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studio pedrini
Mechanichal Engineering Since 1983
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3Design Logo 2014_FAOL
We love additive manufacturing and 3D technology. We are a small team, but we possess a highly skilled workforce. The team at 3Design aim to please. Each of us plays an important role to keep the printing and design wheels rolling. We aim to give you exactly what you need in as fast time as possible. Our goal is to produce great work with positive energy. Let’s enjoy creating together!
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Iterate is focussed on working with clients who want to develop new products associated with the Internet of Things. We are a dynamic team of design engineers who blend creative and technical expertise in order to produce exciting products that disrupt international markets. With manufacturing partners in the UK and Far East, we are able to provide a comprehensive work flow – starting with an initial concept and finishing with a ‘shop shelf’ quality output.
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fado design
Fado Design was created as a subsidiary of FADO Group, a company with more than 30 years of experience in tooling & injection moulding. Seeing enormous potential and growth of 3d printing, we decided to come up with initiative for young, creative artists and designers. Freedom of design offered by 3D printing redefines the existing rules and allows people to think outside the box, with no constrains bound to conventional technologies.We appreciate young, creative and ambitious people.
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Cinter is an engineering and design agency that helps clients to create avenues for growth through new and innovative brands, services, and products. Cinter’s capabilities in design, engineering, materials science, UX UI, and brand development provide an outcome tailored to your vision and requirements. Our team and extensive network of experts and suppliers will deliver big agency results with greater efficiency.
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Benjamin Cann is the founder and director of Eugenio. The company deals with 3D Engineering and Design Solutions, starting in September 2014. Eugenio aims to undertake and develop projects bordering between Engineering, Design and Art.
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We are a rapid product design development solutions provider bringing digital manufacturing to the design and creative scene in Vadodara city of Gujarat, India.As a 3D printing solutions provider, we strive to provide our valued clients with excellent product design and development services in the realm of the additive manufacturing.We also offer a variety of engineering thermoplastics to choose from, along with other services that are well suited for different industrial applications.Shaurin Patel, believes in the revolutionary technology of additive manufacturing shrinking the bridge between design and manufacturing. He is a mechanical engineer from Purdue University – USA with having international business background from Singapore.Shailendra Patel, is mechanical engineer acquiring skill from University of Bradford – UK. He is passionated by technology and the future of rapid prototyping with specific knowledge and know how , he is always on the lookout for anything innovative in 3D printing industry while to promote it.
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