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3D software is one of the most relevant elements in the digital 3D printing manufacturing process however its importance is often overlooked. There are many types of software which are used throughout different phases of the 3D printing cycle. All 3D printing production, however, necessarily beings with CAD (computer aided design) 3D modeling tools. Some of these tools are now integrated into virtual reality and augmented reality 3D modeling programs. This is only the first step: another major software-based step for AM includes CAE (computer aided engineering) for optimizing a part in order to leverage the extensive capabilities offered by additive manufacturing technologies in terms of geometric capabilities and topology optimization. An optimized file then needs to be processed through CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software in order to communicate to the machine how to build it into a physical object.

Several other software applications are also implemented in 3D printing. Additive processes are also making increasingly intensive use of simulation software, both for file preparation and process control, as well as inspection and non-destructive testing software for controlling that conforms to applications-specific standards. Pre-processing steps also include quotation engine software and the entire CRM (customer relationship management) chain. In fact AM is increasingly being integrated into the entire PLM (produce lifecycle management) software chain, while MES (manufacturing execution software) programs are increasingly being adopted to manage the entire end-to-end manufacturing process which 3D printing is now becoming an integral part of.

The 3D software supply chain also includes developers and publishers which are listed in specific sub-categories.

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Paperless Parts is an online marketplace for the buying and selling of custom manufactured parts. Our team built a pricing engine that interrogates 3D CAD models and provides instant quotes to manufacture those parts from a variety of manufacturing processes. We put this pricing engine behind a custom part sourcing marketplace where manufacturers can simply input their estimating variables and provide instant pricing for custom parts to engineers and product developers looking to purchase prototypes and low volume runs. The pricing engines works with a variety of manufacturing processes including Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Multi Jet Fusion, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, PolyJet and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
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Grow Logo
GROW offers secured distributed additive manufacturing through a suite of desktop and cloud-based applications that enable a complete, secure workflow, from design to production.
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Manubim is an innovative site where anybody can create their own customized 3D printed products with a web based application. We offer predefined basic 3D models what customers can personalize with writing texts, engrave, emboss, colorize or changing dimensions. Buyers can choose from different printing materials and they get an instant pricing quote. The custom 3D product will be materialized then shipped anywhere.
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Industrializing additive manufacturing Individualized mass production, functional design, high energy and resource efficiency as well as shorter innovation cycles – the advantages of Additive Manufacturing are being leveraged more and more in the industrial environment. Whether powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition, material extrusion or jetting – all these techniques build up workpieces layer by layer based on digital 3D design data. These techniques allow extremely complex structures to be created, which are both light and stable – in fact, finally, parts can be cost-effectively created with batch sizes of just 1. And digitalization offers the best possibilities of covering the requirements associated with Additive Manufacturing.
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HRSOURCE develops high-tech software for additive manufacturing that is characterized by simplicity and maximum productivity, making 3D printing as easy as printing on a white sheet of paper.Our team consists of industry veterans with decades of experience in technology development.## 3D Printing Software: CUR3D ## CUR3D, the first real 3D printing prepress, will revolutionize your workflow with 3D printers:No matter what type of vision models you want to print, CUR3D will revolutionize, accelerate and simplify your work with 3D printers. Now you can concentrate on the essentials and CUR3D does the rest. Thus a high level of productivity, quality gain, cost and time savings is achieved. „Now it’s printable, because it’s cured!“
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Digimat (developed by e-Xstream engineering) is an innovative simulation software used to model the nonlinear multi-scale behavior of composite materials and structures
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CT CoreTechnologie GmbH
CoreTechnologie is the leading supplier of CAD converters, CAD viewers, and CAD editing software, and our mission is to optimize CAx processes.
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The team was looking for a way to simply illustrate what we do and the value we bring to the table. It came to us during breakfast while eating bananas. The peel is what you end up with if you scan a banana: it’s a hollow shell that has the exact shape of the object you are interested in. A nd just like that, peel 3d was born!
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The Velocity Group is transforming the way concepts are developed into products.We help our clients accelerate time from idea to profit by providing single-source accountability for and management of the entire range of resources needed to bring concepts to profitable, market-ready products, to scale up for manufacturing and to produce them efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Axis, founded in 1997, is a company specializing in rapid prototyping. Realization of prototypes, models, piece by unit or in small series. Axis is above all a young, dynamic and above all qualified team that will meet your most technical needs (design, painting, assembly ...). It is also a wide range of materials, as well as a large fleet of machines, always in order to satisfy you at best, and in the shortest possible time.
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RP Platform
RP Platform is a customisable software solution that helps companies offering additive manufacturing and related services optimise their workflows to deliver world-class parts and exceptional customer services.
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RepliSLS3D is an integrated solution for nearly all kinds of 3D printing, laser sintering (SLS/SLM), additive manufacturing, stereolithography (SLA) and other rapid prototyping applications. It supports a lot of different hardware from scratch, provides several features which are not common to this kind of software and supports Windows™ and Linux ™.
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Prosper3D's Quote & Workflow Automation Solution is a fully customizable software suite that increases sales and boosts productivity through smart automation. Whether used internally or by your customers, Prosper3D can create instant quotes that exactly replication your own sales logic while simplifying your production workflow process.Prosper3D is the only solution on the market to factor in everything required to build effective quotes, including printer-specific technologies, print times, model materials, support and filler materials, tray modes, manual or auto-orientation, assemblies, multi-part, multi-color, nesting, waste, as well as other pricing considerations such as unique pricing algorithms, factors and markups, post-printing fees and services, lead time factors, shipping and more.For close to 20 years our only business has developing amazing software for the 3D printing industry, so you can be rest-assured that we work for you, and never compete against you.
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Shanghai Man Heng Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Man Heng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is 3D virtual reality and 3D printing as the two core business of private high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2007, headquartered in Shanghai, in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou set up a subsidiary, in Wuhan, Jinan, Xi'an, Changsha, Shenyang, Nanjing, Chongqing and other places set up offices. Company on December 23, 2015, listed on the national SME share transfer system, stock code: 834534, accelerate the 3D industry layout.
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Reseller of Markforged 3D printers and 3D Systems Located in Montreal, Canada We deserve customers all across Quebec and Ontario
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Selfcad LOGO
SelfCAD is a browser-based 3D Printing software designed from ground up for the 3D printing community. It includes a CURA based slicer with preset settings for most commonly used 3D printers and materials. Its complete suite includes hard and soft modeling with advanced objects and image generators. Additionally, Users have direct access to MyMiniFactory's 25,000 3D object library.
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We provide automatic, cloud-based solutions for optimization and facilitation with our patented algorithm bringing AI and 3D printing knowledge into one end-to-end platform.
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nTopology Inc.
With our unique combination of generative, manual, and simulation-based design tools, we let engineers create parts whose functional requirements are baked right in. With Element, you can optimize lattice structures with respect to user-defined inputs, imported data, or our integrated FEA - letting you make the right parts for your application, every single time.
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DeskArtes Oy
DeskArtes was founded in 1989 as a continuation on research projects started already in 1985 at the Helsinki University of Technology. SAAB Valmet (a car manufacturer in Finland) and Arabia (a Finnish tableware manufacturer) made a request to the research group to develop an industrial design software that would put special emphasis on Aesthetic design features rather than traditional Engineering features. The group was successful in its efforts and the company has today thousands of users for its various software products. The Company key personnel have been with the company already from the research phase thus offering unparallelled cumulative understanding and know how of its business environment.
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