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Scan And Make is a platform where Maker and User can come together to meet their needs for prototyping.This is basically how Scan And Make works: Maker The Makers are the owners of equipment such as 3D Printers, Laser Cutter, CNC milling machines or of specific skills such as 3D files correction, 3D design or Arduino programming for example The Users could be architects, students, industrial designers, artists but also ordinary consumers whom can find on the platform the means to realise their ideas at an affordable price. Scan And Make's aim is to facilitate (and not complicate) the contacts between these 2 groups and to protect both parties. Private Auction: The Users of the website can post a project containing all the infos needed for the maker to asses production costs. Every maker then will be able to participate to the auction, making their offer (or quote). Once the User has chosen the best offer, the maker can contact him and proceed with the production.On our platform the User can also directly contact a maker for a quote or ask him to take part in an auction.Quote:Users can contact the Makers and ask for a quote. The opposite is not possible.Projects:At the moment these are the available categories/techniques a user can request:2D File Conversion2D File Correction3D Design3D File Conversion3D File Correction3D Printing3D ScanningArduinoCADCNC MillingElectronicsLaser CuttingPCB Design and ProductionRaspberry PiPayment:Once the goods or service has been delivered, Scan And Make releases funds in favour of the maker restraining a commission of 3,33% for the services performed. All transactions are processed through and protected by PayPal.

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