3D Filamenta

"3Dfilamenta.com is an online sales platform service that globally helps suppliers to distributes products and services associated with 3D-printing. 3Dfilamenta Marketplace facilitates B2C (business to customer) and C2C (customer to customer) retail by providing a platform for small/big businesses and individual entrepreneurs. We connect individual entrepreneurs, small and big businesses to reach out with 3D-printing related products for everyone on this global market. By providing a large base of certified and trusted suppliers, we will continuously add new 3D-printing related products and services to our portfolio. We strive for high customer satisfaction by providing high quality suppliers and support, hence every supplier need to be approved and identified before getting listed on 3Dfilamenta Sales Platform. All products will manually be uploaded, controlled and checked by 3Dfilamenta´s staff before being listed on the 3Dfilamenta Sales Platform. When you buy from 3Dfilamenta.com, we provide the following: - International shipping - 30 days return policy - Secure payment options - Excellent customer service support - Quality and verified suppliers - All products or services shipped from China will be controlled by 3Dfilamenta´s staff before shipping. Shipments outside of China will be controlled by respective individual seller/supplier according to “Supplier’s Agreement Between 3Dfilamenta and Supplier.” -3Dfilamenta act as a supplier with ID:100, and all sales going through 3Dfilamenta with ID:100 will be sent from China."

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