3D Magic Makers

"3D Magic Makers is the first publicly accessible, cost-efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly 3D printing service for young innovators, artists, and corporate clients in Moldova. 3D Magic Makers delivers an innovative, accessible, and sustainable closed-loop 3D printing service: the orders are printed both from the material bought by us, as well as from the recyclable materials (former printed objects, PET bottles, etc.) that customers bring to us in order to recycle them into new objects. In the latter case the customer pays only half of the original price of our service, making such 3D printing affordable for Moldovan customers while contributing to reduction of waste pollution. Besides the 3D printing service, 3D Magic Makers works on educating consumers on the Moldovan market by delivering practical trainings and workshops for those interested in 3D design, 3D printing, open-source electronics programming, and robotics."

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