3D Research

"The 3D Research is a company spin-off of ' University of Calabria founded by a group of researchers from the Department of Mechanics performing, for over 25 years, research in the areas of industrial design, virtual prototyping, graphics computational and computer graphics .The 3D Research work in the field of technology of Reverse Engineering, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality and Augmented producing new hardware and software tools for innovative activities in the areas of civil and industrial design, scientific visualization, e-learning and Cultural heritage.The products offered by the company are of three types:Display systems based on new technologies for low-cost stereoscopic display and 3D interaction devices (such as the system that allows MNEME lafruizione Virtual Cultural Heritage); Innovative systems for Reverse Engineering underwater; Software applications based on new graphical interfaces and 2D and 3D systems of interazione3D;These services include:Custom development of Virtual Reality and Augmented systems; 3D reconstruction of cultural heritage; Creating virtual collections Design, installation and maintenance of workstations Virtual Reality "

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