3D Shoes

3DShoes.com is the world's most recognizable ecommerce platfrom for the 3D printing, manufacturing and knitting of shoes and shoe accessories.Through its custom App you can upload your feet into 3D Shoes platform and you will be ready not only to purchase shoes online without worrying anymore about shoe size but you will also be able to have your personalized 3D printed shoes made from the comfort of you home! Optimized exclusively for iPhone 5 or later.

•Turn your feet into a real 3D model taking a series of photographs from different positions.

•Get assistance through the process of capturing all the shots of your feet with the guide that appears on your display.

•Upload your 3D feet model into Right Shoes system.

•Showcase your feet and access to your online profile to get assistance while you are shoe shopping online.

•Use your 3D feet model to require your correct shoe size or made to measure shoes.

• Order customized 3D printed shoes from your REAL 3D feet data.

Range of Services

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