Michael is a Maker at heart. He launched 3dfactory LLC in 2013 with an eye towards empowering the creator and tinkerer in all of us. He believes in encouraging the “Maker Movement,” which allows everyone to become an inventor of their visions and he is using his company to achieve just that. Michael’s vision for 3dfactory LLC, and the inspiration for the name, is to enable anyone to set up a virtual factory in their home without expensive equipment or specialized knowledge. In the year since he opened up 3dfactory’s virtual doors, Michael has sold hundreds of open source 3D printer kits enabling hundreds of Makers. His understanding of what motivates tinkerers comes from sharing their passion, with most of his free time spent building a variety of machines from scratch. He has built dozens of 3D printers, as well as a laser cutter and CNC Mill, so he understands the impulse to create. He is pleased that he has been able to help others in their quest for a creative outlet with his work at 3dfactory LLC. 3dfactory LLC is located in Staten Island, NY.

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