3DX Industries


3DX Industries Inc. is a Precision Manufacturing company capable of producing a wide range of products using additive and subtractive manufacturing processes. Using our state of the art 3D Metal Printing System, Composite Printing equipment and numerous CNC Precision Machining Centers, 3DX Industries will exceed your expectations for prototype, production and assembly services.

Our Metal Printing capabilities are provided by The ExOne Company, a leader in the industry in developing and manufacturing 3D Metal Printers. The M-Flex 3D Metal Printing System, developed by The ExOne Company offers the very latest in additive manufacturing technology.

The ExOne three-dimensional printing process produces fully functional metal parts directly from CAD files. The system utilizes a layering technique to print components one layer at a time from metal powder. The benefits of the ExOne 3D process include enhanced part design flexibility, complex internal geometries, undercuts, angled passages, and the opportunity to create component features that cannot be duplicated with traditional machining methods. The ExOne 3D process generates single-piece and multi-piece designs with shortened lead times at significantly lower costs.


In addition to our 3D Metal Printing capabilities, 3DX has a full array of CNC precision machining centers capable of high speed precision milling up to large capacity vertical machining to meet the most demanding specifications our clients require. We also have an in-house 3D Composite printer for smaller component, prototype and production runs. Using our composite printing system, we can offer our clients a low cost quick turnaround option on prototype parts and components for designer review and engineer evaluation prior to final production runs.

3DX Industries, Inc. is a public company, trading on the OTCQB exchange under the symbol DDDX.

Range of Services

  • binder jetting;metal

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