"3DZ is born in the midst of a time of great and continuous transformation of the means of production. The company is an authorized reseller of 3D Systems, global leader in the production of 3D printers, software and 3D scanners. 3DZ begins its activity specializing in rapid protoyping and in the sale of industrial and professional 3D printers, offering a complete cnosultancy service and solutions for any tye of clientele, from privates to large companies. The company's mission is to provide optimal tools to each client to be able to produce, create, optimize investments and obtain immediate results. The final goal is to put in everyone's hand the corret instrument to give shape to one's ideas, exactly how they are in his or her mind. This way 3DZ's customers can become truly independent and autonomous in creating exactly what they need, how they need it, without waste and in a short time. The company is thus always at work to bring the extraordinary possibilities offered by 3D printing to everyone, through the quality of 3D Systems' products. 3D printing technology has been making huge leaps, especially in these last few years, and it allowed us to reach results that only a few years back were considered science fiction. The company also offers a personalized sale and assistance service, on location: it has a capillary and trusted commercial and technical support network. Assistance can leverage on qualified and certified technicians, always available and operational throughout the entire Italian territory. 3DZ can also offer complete rapid prototyping services tailored to every specific company requirement."

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