5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)

5DT is a premier solution provider in the fields of simulator training and virtual reality (VR). 5DT makes operators safer, more productive and less destructive using advanced training tools that have been optimized on mine sites around the world over the past 15 years.5DT offers a Training Solution, not merely training simulators. The 5DT training solution consists of the following elements:Training Simulators Pre-Simulators Computer-Based Training (CBT) Systems (e-learning) Visualizers 5DT has a well established Mining and Construction Knowledge Base. We have spent a lot of time underground, in surface mines and on construction sites, interacting with real operators and real machines. We also work closely with the world’s best training departments and schools to refine our methodologies, products and learning material.Product Families5DT offers complete Training Simulator families for underground mining, surface mining, construction and transport:Underground Coal Mining Training Simulators Underground Hard Rock Mining Training Simulators Surface Mining Training Simulators Construction Training Simulators Transport Training Simulators

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