Addwii inc. was founded in 2011. We provide 3D printing machines, consumables, and customized production service. We hope to provide the best 3D printing service and technology in the world and also help the creative industries in Taiwan to strive well in the international market.The company produces the X1 full color 3D printer:
  1. First in the world, MIT(Made in Taiwan) and patented full color inkjet technology.
  2. 1200dpi Full Color 3D Printing System and high resolution inkjet printing technology.
  3. Support structure is not needed, you can print any shape you want.
  4. Continuous ink supply system.
  5. Customized production ability, with applications in art, architecture, interior design, industrial design, rapid prototyping, and education etc.
  6. Online Service & Support System

Range of Services

  • Taiwan

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