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Our goal at AmeraLabs is to engineer 3D printing materials that inspire. We create resins for high resolution SLA 3D printers with a purpose: to empower and enable the creativity of 3D printing community worldwide. We are striving to produce resins with exceptional physical properties affordable and available to hobbyists and professionals alike.

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AmeraLabs can offer a range of materials for Stereolithographic (SLA, DLP, LCD) 3D printers that stands out from the crowd with a combination of properties:

  • No pigment settlement for long (12+ hours) prints
  • High resolution
  • Low odour
  • Exceptional physical properties (Tough, Flexible)
  • Good choice of colors
  • Low skin irritation
  • Affordable price

We can also develop resins for specific applications by your request.


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Range of Services

  • resins
  • 3D printing resin
  • SLA resin
  • DLP resin
  • photopolymers
  • photopolymer resins

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